U.S. DAB Digest July 12, 2021

July 12, 2021

In this Issue:

  • DAB Membership, the Annual Meeting, and Member Map
  • IAM’s Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group is Growing Fast
  • DABs at the IAM Annual Meeting
  • Ask a DAB
    • Packing Material Costs
  • Walkboard Wisdom
    • Appreciation

IAM DAB Digest

Why has the cost of packing material increased and why does it keep seeing increases?

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

Connecting Asset-Based Movers across the U.S.

DAB Membership, the Annual Meeting, and Member Map

Despite a busy and challenging summer moving season, the U.S. DAB Management Board (DMB) continues to meet and discuss how IAM can effectively engage asset-based movers across the U.S. One item of interest at the most recent July meeting, the DMB is in the middle of planning content for in Orlando, Fla. from 13-16 Oct. The Board is busy making sure the Annual Meeting has great networking opportunities with fellow DABs, and learning and knowledge content throughout the event.


In addition, the Board is making arrangements for our first vote of the DMB Chair and Vice Chair positions. This vote will happen in early August, and DAB Mover Group companies who are IAM members and officially designated as , each will have the opportunity to provide one vote towards the Chair and Vice Chair elections. The results of the vote will be announced at the IAM Annual Meeting at the DAB Mover Group Meeting on day one of the conference; right before a DAB Networking Session.

IAM’s Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group is Growing Fast

We’re excited to announce that IAM’s initiative aimed at highlighting asset-based movers in the U.S., the U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group, is steadily growing. The DAB is a place where IAM showcases your capabilities to its worldwide network, connects your company with other DAB Movers to share business practices, provides compliance services, and advocates on behalf of the companies who are the true “boots at the curb” to policymakers in Washington DC.


If you’d like to be a part of the DAB Mover Group and take advantage of what IAM has to offer US DABs, , and .

DABs at the IAM Annual Meeting

By Chris Lantz

June is in the rearview mirror and now is the time where we normally tend to see a little bit of relief if we compare it to any of the past summers. Since this summer has been anything but normal compared to others, I think it’s fair to say the industry still has a lot of volume on the books through what looks to be the end of August so far. With this year being challenging for many reasons outside of the industries control I do have to say we have all handled it well or at least to the best of our abilities. Like I have said in the past, data does not really support what has happened or what is to come. Its kind of like being in a football game where your play calling, or next move will be based on where you stand that exact moment or day and what personnel you must work with to execute your next play.


While we will all get through this as we always do, we do have something to look forward to: , Oct. 13-16 in Orlando, Fla. This is something worth putting on your calendars. Maybe I am biased but on top of all the great networking events, learning labs, and breakouts for all product lines that involve every aspect of this industry, I am most excited for the DAB presence this year in person. With its roll-out last year virtually, it will be amazing to get to see in person how far this group has come in just a year. If you have not reserved your spot yet, make sure to do so because it’s filling up fast and this is one you won’t want to miss!


Ask a DAB

Packing Material Costs

Why has the cost of packing material increased and why does it keep seeing increases throughout summer?


That’s a great question fellow DAB Member! that will help educate you on that which was provided by a major packing material supplier. Its rumored that we may not see stabilization or a trend returning to the “Norm” (POSSIBLY) until Q1 2022 at the earliest. Make sure to stay in the know when it comes to material cost so you can price your business accordingly.



Walkboard Wisdom


By Derrick Potter

Today, labor shortages continue to plague our nation and our industry. It is good practice to show appreciation for our crews, especially so this peak season. Our crews are working in extreme conditions daily. Our men and women on the front lines, acting as the face of our companies, deserve daily appreciation from management. Do not discount the effect all these examples can aid in showing your team appreciation.


Safety – Ensuring your crews can operate in high-quality trucks that have working A/C and no mechanical failures is a great start. Putting crews in hot cabs of broken-down trucks shows a lack of appreciation to your team.


Training – We want to ensure all our new hires are well trained so they can assist our more seasoned leaders properly. We appreciate our leaders' experience and skills and want to give them the best-trained movers to help assist them.


Recognition – Reading the praise submitted by our customers in front of employees is a great way to show our appreciation. Reviews posted to Google, Facebook and other sites that include crew members' names are excellent ways to recognize excellence from your team.


Food – Ordering breakfast and serving your team before they head out from the lot is always appreciated. Our location GM’s will command a grill from time to time to cook burgers and hot dogs for our crews as they are arriving back to the lot after a workday.


Gift Cards – Gift cards with small amounts are given weekly for those reviews that come in with high praise. During the recognition in front of their peers, an accompanying gift card shows appreciation for the excellence they have exhibited.


Last but most important is face-to-face interaction with your staff. Positivity, Encouragement and genuinely expressing your appreciation to your people is needed and goes a long way.


In closing, it is wonderful to see so many DAB’s sharing how they show appreciation to their people via social media sites. It should be a reminder to all of us to do the same.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map


Member Spotlight

Chris Lantz

Chris Lantz, Sr. Vice President of Operations, has been with for 15 years. Chris began his career as an entry-level call center representative, booking in-home estimates for the C.O.D sales team. From there, Chris gained experience by working on the trucks, performing moves himself. As Sr. Vice President of Operations, his responsibilities consist of managing an international military SCAC, rate filing for both domestic and international SCAC’s, claims, compensation schedules, and safety and compliance. Bekins Moving Solutions has 13 moving and storage locations across the country that handle all aspects of business from COD/Military/Natl Account/FF&E and more. There is also BCI Worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Bekins Moving Solutions that handles major installation projects for casinos and hotels both domestic and internationally.

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