U.S. DAB Digest June 14, 2021

June 14, 2021

In this Issue:

  • Get Ready for the First Election of IAM’s US Domestic Asset Based Mover Management Board
  • DAB Group Members Number Nearly 100!
  • Lumber Prices Post Biggest–Ever Weekly Drop With Buyers Balking
  • Ask a DAB
    • We have seen a lot of chatter about cardboard lift vans or core crates as an alternative solution for wood lift vans to move military. Is this the new norm?
  • Walkboard Wisdom
    • The Labor Shortage: What are the Real Causes and Some Solutions?
    • Handy reports for Peak Season Analysis

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

DAB Group Members Number Nearly 100

IAM e-Gov/Mil

Connecting Asset-Based Movers across the U.S.

Get Ready for the First Election of IAM’s US Domestic Asset Based Mover Management Board

The DAB Mover Group has accomplished a lot in a short period of time. IAM can now provide your ; we transitioned the task force to a more formal DAB Mover Management Board (DMB) governed by a that lays out the purpose and functioning of the DMB; created DAB content during IAM’s Annual Meeting; held multiple “DAB-Hour” webcasts on TF-DAB/DMB recommended topics; produced a monthly DAB Digest newsletter created by IAM DABs for DABs; and had a large contingent from the DMB meet in Austin, TX at the annual Dispatcher’s Convention to host the Dispatcher’s breakfast, talk to attendees about the DAB initiative, and hold an open bar social hour to network with fellow DABs (IAM members and non-members alike).


It is time to elect a new DMB for the first time. This will also include the election of a new DMB Chair and Vice Chair. The vote will take place among member companies of the IAM DAB Mover Group, as prescribed in the DAB Organizing Document.


This historic vote will take place near the end of August, in time for the new DAB Management Board members, and the DMB Chair and Vice Chair to be announced at the IAM Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.


If your company fits the profile of an IAM DAB Mover, and you aren’t already a part of the DAB Mover Group, to find out how to join. If a member of your DAB company would like to run for the DMB to help IAM shape its efforts on the issues and needs of US Asset-Based Movers, get ready to throw your name in the hat. If you’re already a part of the overall DAB Mover Group, get ready to name your company’s voting representative for the first-ever DMB election.


If you have any questions or comments about IAM’s DAB Mover Group, you can also contact IAM’s staff lead for the DAB, . The DMB is doing great things for asset-based movers, and we’d love you to get involved to take advantage of the great networking, educational, and learning opportunities the DMB is building.

DAB Group Members Number Nearly 100!

IAM is proud to announce that it has identified nearly 100 members of the DAB group and more are on the way. Click the map below to see where they all are.

Lumber Prices Post Biggest–Ever Weekly Drop With Buyers Balking

Lumber futures posted their biggest-ever weekly loss, extending a tumble from all-time highs reached last month as sawmills ramp up output and buyers hold off on purchases.


Ask a DAB

We have seen a lot of chatter about cardboard lift vans or core crates as an alternative solution for wood lift vans to move military. Is this the new norm?

Yes, you can expect this to be the new norm this year and years ahead, I would assume, as people get more comfortable using them. This year will probably be the first year for some MMC’s and TSP’s to use cardboard lift vans but for others it has already been a thing now for a couple years. This year its picked up steam due to the shortage and pricing of wooden lift vans. While cardboard is different, it is not bad. We have 14 location across the U.S. that are all using cardboard lift vans in place of wood because they are what was offered. I would still rather be able to crate shipments as soon as I can instead of wait for wood lift vans, because that may be a long wait and we would be tying up crucial space for revenue-producing shipments, like SIT. In conclusion, I would expect cardboard to become more relevant this year, and just remember at this point in time they can only be used on shipments traveling within the lower 48, as it is not an approved method for Military Code 4 business.

Christopher Lantz,


Walkboard Wisdom

The Labor Shortage: What are the Real Causes and Some Solutions?

By Emily Kozubowski

Being that we are truly a global economy, which was made even more evident during the COVID pandemic, the success of the trucking industry truly impacts the world, not just the United States. While many employers want to blame the current unemployment benefits for the lack of available labor the reality is an aging workforce, reduction of women in the workforce due to childcare loss, increase in quit rates due to lack of job satisfaction. As an industry, we must begin thinking creatively in our hiring methodology & partnering with our legislators to overcome these challenges rather cast blame on unemployment benefits. Here are some ideas:

  • Improved Legislation to lower the CDL class licensing to 18 years old rather than 21
  • Improved & increased grants for CDL class driving schools
  • Integration of CDL class driving school program into high school career training programs and community colleges
  • Improved technology for the younger workforce
  • Increased compensation for manual services positions
  • Access to improved health benefits for manual services positions
  • Access to year round child-care for manual services positions
  • Increased # of HB2 and J1 visas specifically designated for the transportation industry

Handy reports for Peak Season Analysis

By Chuck Bailey

Chuck Bailey asserts that good planning is key and that we should all know key measures of success on an ongoing basis throughout Peak Season.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map


Member Spotlight

Emily Kozubowski

Emily Kozubowski, Training & Implementation Manager, has been with for four years and a member of the relocation industry for 27 years. She started her career at Allied Van Lines - Corporate at an entry level in the claims department and developed her career as an adjuster, in operations, then on to International Corporate relocation. Emily spent almost a decade of her career as the owner of a company managing an international TSP. There she mastered accounting, rate filing, claims, DOD approvals, compensation schedules, quality, insurance, and regulatory compliance. In her current role, Emily has constant interactions in all aspects of the daily operations of the organization to ensure that Apple Moving LLC employees and systems are functioning in the most efficient manner while utilizing current technology and providing the highest level of customer service. She also assists with Project Management and Acquisitions. Apple Moving LLC has 10 moving and storage locations across Texas, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Colorado that service COD, DOD, GSA, National Account, O/I relocations.

Chuck Bailey

Charles “Chuck” Bailey has been in the moving and storage industry since the mid-1980’s. Chuck, with his wife Brenda are currently the owners of , located in Fredericksburg, Va. He began his career as a dispatcher for an Allied Van Lines agent. This is where he learned about Department of Defense, corporate and COD household goods moves, and managed major office relocations.


In 1991 he went to work as a Local Operations Manager for Hilldrup Moving and Storage, where he was responsible for all local operational functions. He was promoted to General Manager of the Orlando, Fla. branch, where he spent the next three years.


At the end of 1996, he accepted the position of General Manager for Executive Moving Systems. He oversaw all functions, administrative and operational. He managed several DoD SCACs, becoming extremely familiar with the DoD personal property program. He also oversaw the Department of State contract, commercial office relocations, corporate/COD sales, and service provider relationships.


Chuck and his wife created Cornerstone Moving and Storage in 2013, and it has grown more than 15% per year. He continues to be very involved in our industry, IAM, and other associations. He is on the IAM Ethics Council, a member of IAM Agent Advisory Committee, and Co-Chair of IAM US Domestic Asset Based (USDAB) Task Force.

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