IAM-YP On The Move: April 2021

April 28, 2021

In this Issue:

  • IAM Announces Rising Star Award
  • A Conversation with Chuck Kuhn
  • Are you a student? Apply for the AFW Scholarship!
  • Submit to the Portal Magazine
  • IAM Mobility Exchange Tip for IAM-YP Members
  • Welcome New IAM-YP Members

IAM-YP On The Move

The Annual Meeting is On Schedule!

IAM YP On the Move
In this issue...

IAM Announces Rising Star Award


A Conversation with Chuck Kuhn


Submit to the Portal Magazine


Welcome New IAM-YP Members

We at IAM are looking forward with confidence to the resumption of business (almost) as usual in the near future. IAM is firmly committed to holding our 59th Annual Meeting & Expo on schedule with options for both in-person and virtual attendees: October 13-16, 2021 in Orlando, Florida.



Annual meeting registration will open on May 31st. IAM-YP members attending the in-person conference will receive a $120 discount off the registration rate until the early bird deadline. IAM Staff will provide your unique IAM-YP discount code two weeks prior to the opening of registration.

The IAM-YP Management Board is hard at work planning your IAM-YP activities. But you know what makes networking a lot less intimidating and a lot more appealing? When there’s an activity to break the ice. IAM wants our young professionals to connect—so stay tuned for more information as we continue to plan the 59th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.


Rising Star Award

IAM is excited to announce the first annual Rising Star Award to recognize one IAM-Young Professional (IAM-YP) member who embodies the mission of the IAM Young Professional community:

The Mission of IAM-YP is to provide global moving and mobility professionals under the age of 40 with professional development, networking, and philanthropic opportunities to prepare the current membership to lead IAM and the industry in the future.


Joint Statement from President Chuck White & Chairman Mike Richardson:


The IAM-YP group has become a foundational piece of the International Association of Movers. That is evidenced by the three members of the IAM Executive Committee that were at one point key members of the YP group. IAM-YP is the breeding ground for leaders in the moving industry and IAM. It just makes sense to continue to foster the growth of this group by recognizing the “Rising Stars” within it.


Nominations will open on May 3, 2021. The individual receiving this honor may be selected for a wide range of achievements, but overall, will have distinguished themselves through a commitment to professional development, networking with the young professional community, or engaging in philanthropic activities impacting the global moving and mobility industry.



IAM-YPs host a conversation with industry leader Chuck Kuhn on Love and Relo

of fame recently partnered with the IAM-YP to host a conversation with industry leader from .


Chuck discussed how he approaches the concept of sustainability with his businesses and why to invest in sustainability in the first place. He also provided insight into how he thinks moving companies around the world can implement sustainable practices within their own companies and what leadership qualities are required to drive this change.


Are you a student? Apply for the AFW Scholarship!

The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund (AFWSF) is the cornerstone of the International Association of Movers’ scholastic assistance initiative. Named for distinguished Association founder and General Counsel Emeritus Alan F. Wohlstetter, the fund benefits the employees of IAM member companies and their dependents, as well as students. The AFW Scholarship Fund awards scholarships of US $5,000 each to students who are pursuing degrees in logistics and transportation. The application deadline has been extended to June 1.

IAM Seeks IAM-YP submissions for the Portal Magazine

The regularly builds issues around themes, and each year the July/August issue of the Portal magazine is dedicated to the interests of the IAM-YPs. This year, the IAM-YP Management Board selected the theme The Challenge of Change: A Community Transformed, to harmonize with the theme of the upcoming Annual Meeting.


Following this theme, the issue will address how COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life around the globe, from individual relationships to organizational operations. The most obvious employment shift caused by the pandemic is the shift to office staff working from home. The IAM-YPs will discuss topics including innovative solutions their companies have implemented to increase productivity while working from home, the benefits flex time or remote work options, and the positive outcomes achieved.


IAM wants to hear from our IAM-YP membership! Please consider submitting a story for this issue by the June 15 submission deadline. Be sure to consult the before you send your submissions to Portal editor .


IAM Mobility Exchange Tip for IAM-YP Members

Did you know that IAM-YPs are searchable in the IAMX directory? By typing IAM Young Professional Qualified Individual into the search, IAMX will return the companies that have an IAM-YP member. If you don’t see your company returned in the search results, you must consent to be listed in the IAMX directory due to GDPR regulations.


In five quick steps, you can make this change to your individual listing in the IAMX directory:

  • Login to Mobility Exchange
  • Click on your company name
  • Click “edit” in the top left corner
  • Click on your name under the contacts section
  • Click on qualifications and then check the display box under your YP Qualification

Additionally, if your company has a Validated listing, you can upload a photo to your individual profile that will display in the contacts field for your company profile, making it easier for industry colleagues to identity you.


Join us in celebrating the achievements of your fellow YPs who have recently completed one or more IAM Learning courses, especially those who have achieved their IAM Trusted Moving Specialist credential:

  • Anu Dattani, Universal Relocations Inc. (IAM Trusted)
  • Pamela Maestri, Traslochi CD Removals SRL
  • Tahir Mansoor, UTM Services (IAM Trusted)
  • Krystle-Lynn Stephens, Team Six International (IAM Trusted)

Welcome New IAM-YP Members

Get to know your new fellow IAM-YP members and start networking through their LinkedIn profiles, or say hi over at the Facebook Group.


Stay Connected

Keep up to date with your fellow IAM-YP Members at the (if you're not yet a member, you will have to request permission to join). Questions about the membership or want to sign up a friend? See more on the.

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