U.S. DAB Digest Apr. 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

In this Issue:

  • DAB Update
  • Register Now: What are the DoD rules that govern international shipments that DABs should know?
  • JK Moving's Chuck Kuhn Featured on Love and Relo
  • Join the U.S. DAB LinkedIn Page
  • Scholarship Deadline Approaching - Need $5000 for Tuition?
  • As a DAB: What do DAB members take into consideration when choosing a vendor?
  • Walkboard Wisdom
    • Protect the Force By Emily Kozubowski
    • Taking the Temp of Non-Temp Storage By Lakelan Fennell

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

What do you take into consideration when choosing a vendor?

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DAB Update

IAM’s U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Task Force (aka TF-DAB) has completed its mission, and is giving way to a more formalized group – The DAB Management Board (DMB). At the March TF meeting, the group adopted a that lays out the purpose and responsibilities of the DMB and provides the foundation for the DAB Mover Group, as well as procedures for a future vote from this DAB Mover Group to establish the next DAB Management Board, and the Chair and Vice Chair that will run the DMB.


As such, the current TF-DAB members transitioned into the first DMB, and will hold those positions until a formal vote for the DMB is held, likely late this summer, prior to IAM’s Annual Meeting in October.


The DAB Organizing Document takes the next step to formalize the DAB within the overall construct of the Association. The former TF members and now DMB, has been active, helping IAM develop the DAB Mover Group value proposition and bringing in new DAB Movers into IAM, who can see the benefit and potential strength of this group. Other than monthly DAB-Hour webcasts, often hosted by DMB members, the DMB was active at the recent Dispatcher’s Convention in Austin. This year, Dispatcher’s was hosted by Apple Moving (an original DAB TF member) and DMB members hosted an open bar social hour on Friday night of the Convention, and IAM, through the DMB, sponsored Mimosas and Bloody Marys at Breakfast.


Come join our growing DAB effort and see what all the buzz is about. You don’t have to be an IAM or DAB member to join our monthly webcasts or receive this newsletter. If you know someone who would like to receive the newsletter (IAM member or not) . Here you can find DAB resources; find out about membership; and read past newsletters. Just let us know if you’d like to hear more.

Register Now: What are the DoD rules that govern international shipments that DABs should know?

will discuss international shipments and the support/understanding international Transportation Service Providers in the DoD Personal Property Program need from local agents in the U.S. What are the DoD rules that govern international shipments that DABs should know? How are the processes different than a domestic DoD shipment? What are the key international business rules DABs should understand to support international TSPs?


Join IAM’s U.S. DAB as they explore this topic with two international TSPs…Jake Pieroni from Central Van Lines and Don Klein from ALLSTATES Worldwide Movers. The session will be moderated by DAB Management Board member Michael Gonzalez of the Denali Group. Mark you calendars for 21 April at 1:00 pm ET. Engage our panelists directly with any comments or questions, or provide them via the chat function in the webcast.


Participation is free whether you are an IAM member company or not. Join in and learn.

JK Moving's Chuck Kuhn Featured on Love and Relo

of fame recently partnered with IAM Young Professionals (IAM-YP) to host a conversation with industry leader from .


Chuck discussed how he approaches the concept of sustainability with his businesses and why to invest in sustainability in the first place. He also provided insight into how he thinks moving companies around the world can implement sustainable practices within their own companies and what leadership qualities are required to drive this change.

Join the U.S. DAB LinkedIn Page

Are you on the ? You can get on today and request permission to join. We are keeping the group membership to just IAM members so we can make this a true member benefit.


Other U.S. DAB members are already making connections and doing business there. You need to be there too!

Scholarship Deadline Approaching - Need $5000 for Tuition?

is the cornerstone of the International Association of Movers’ scholastic assistance initiative. Named for distinguished Association founder and General Counsel Emeritus Alan F. Wohlstetter, the fund benefits the employees of IAM member companies and their dependents, as well as students. The AFW Scholarship Fund awards scholarships of US $5,000 each to students who are pursuing degrees in logistics and transportation. The application deadline is May 1.


Ask a DAB

What do DAB members take into consideration when choosing a vendor?

This question came up and we crowd-sourced a number of answers from the DAB Management Board. The answers are aggregated because there was a lot of overlap. What do you think? Make a comment on the !

  • Product value against the cost
  • Relationship with a current Vendor
  • Pricing
  • Product
  • Turnaround time
  • Areas of responsibility (east coast vs west coast)
  • Reliability
  • Quality of product or service
  • Customer Service/Responsiveness
  • Whether the vendor support the association(s) I’m involved with
  • Peak season reliability


Walkboard Wisdom

Protect the Force

By Emily Kozubowski


"Do they love you or the mask you put on everyday?" -Shimika Bowers


Could it be both? I’d say yes! As we approach this second peak season in a covid-19 environment in transportation, we are masters of the mask, right? Maybe that is true for some, but data from USTC may say otherwise. After last week’s Spring PPF and the release of the 2021 Tender of Service, a few things are certain for the upcoming peak season.


The HHG transportation industry as a whole is still consistently receiving Letters of Warning and Letters of Suspension on a weekly basis a year into the pandemic.

Taking the Temp of Non-Temp Storage

By Lakelan Fennell


Big changes are in the works in the world of the DOD Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) program that possess the ability to have major impacts to both NTS Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) and DOD-approved Personal Property TSPs alike. The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), who manages the DOD’s Personal Property Program (DP3) recently posted their 2021 NTS Tender of Service (TOS) updated Draft on March 1, 2021 on their webpage www.move.mil/sme. Comments from the industry were due by March 26, 2021. While there are significant changes to the NTS TOS working their way to fruition, it’s what IS NOT in this NTS TOS draft that has the potential to change, and even eliminate the Non-Temp Storage world as we know it today, for those companies that provide NTS storage services to the DOD.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map


Member Spotlight

Emily Kozubowski

Emily Kozubowski, Training & Implementation Manager, has been with for four years and a member of the relocation industry for 27 years. She started her career at Allied Van Lines - Corporate at an entry level in the claims department and developed her career as an adjuster, in operations, then on to International Corporate relocation. Emily spent almost a decade of her career as the owner of company managing an international TSP. There she mastered accounting, rate filing, claims, DOD approvals, compensation schedules, quality, insurance, and regulatory compliance. In her current role, Emily has constant interactions in all aspects of the daily operations of the organization to ensure that Apple Moving LLC employees and systems are functioning in the most efficient manner while utilizing current technology and providing the highest level of customer service. She also assists with Project Management and Acquisitions. Apple Moving LLC has 10 moving and storage locations across Texas, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Colorado that service COD, DOD, GSA, National Account, O/I relocations.

Lakelan Fennell

Lakelan Fennell, Vice President of Market Development, has been with , Agents for Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines, for over 28 years. In his career, he has hands-on experience in all aspects of the moving and storage industry, from working in the warehouse and on the trucks, to rate filing, claims, driver compensation, DOD approvals, contract bidding and negotiation, compensation schedules, marketing, management, insurance and regulatory compliance. Nilson Van & Storage services approximately 8,000 shipments per year for COD, National Accounts, DOD, O/I and Logistics. They have six locations spread between NC, SC and GA and is a Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

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