eGov/Mil Newsletter: Apr. 7, 2021

April 07, 2021

In this Issue:

  • Spring Personal Property Forum
  • IAM Member Companies Canceled Voluntarily and for Nonpayment of Dues
  • 6 April Conditions Based Movement Call (USTC J9)
  • AFW Scholarship Now Accepting Applications - Deadline May 1

IAM eGov/Mil Newsletter

Spring PPF; IAM Members Canceled

IAM e-Gov/Mil
U.S. Military Move Coordinator Training Course

Spring Personal Property Forum

The Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) Spring Personal Property Forum (PPF) was held 31 Mar and 1 April. DoD held two sessions per day so Service and Industry reps could call in based on the time that best fit their schedule. IAM participated in the morning session each day. , along with the to cover the various topics.

IAM Member Companies Canceled Voluntarily and for Nonpayment of Dues

Below are links to two lists of IAM Member companies who are no longer members of IAM. The first is a list of members who have voluntarily canceled. The companies on the second list have failed to pay their membership dues, which were first invoiced in December 2020.




As of April 7, all benefits of IAM membership have ceased for these members. The Canceled Members List will remain on IAM's website for all members in good standing to consult as they go about doing business.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map

6 April Conditions Based Movement Call (USTC J9)

One update from the PPF on a question IAM asked for clarification dealing with deliveries out of Storage In-Transit (SIT) and when inconvenience claims would start under the scenario where the request for delivery was made outside the 7 Government Business Day (GBD) window. In that scenario, the requirement is to deliver within 2 GBDs. We asked USTC if the date of the request was included as one of the two GBDs? The answer provided during the PPF was that it was. In their interpretation at the PPF, if the member requests delivery on 1 June, and it’s outside the 7 GBD window, then the shipment must be delivered on 1 or 2 June to avoid an inconvenience claim. IAM challenged that assertion after the PPF, and today, USTC concurred with our assessment that the words in the rules suggest that the requirement is 2 GBDs “from” the requested date. Therefore, in the above scenario, if a member requests delivery outside 7 GBDs, as an example on 1 June. Two GBDs from that date is 3 June. USTC concurred with that interpretation.

AFW Scholarship Now Accepting Applications - Deadline May 1

is the cornerstone of the International Association of Movers’ scholastic assistance initiative. Named for distinguished Association founder and General Counsel Emeritus Alan F. Wohlstetter, the fund benefits the employees of IAM member companies and their dependents, as well as students. The AFW Scholarship Fund awards scholarships of US $5,000 each to students who are pursuing degrees in logistics and transportation. The application deadline is May 1.

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