IAM-YP On The Move: February 2021

February 23, 2021

In this Issue:

  • YPs Establish 2021 Goals
  • Welcome the newest member of the IAM-YP Management Board!
  • IAM Selects a Theme for the 59th Annual Meeting
  • YPs select the topic for the July/August issue of the Portal magazine
  • YP Happy Hour Resumes!
  • AFWSF Applications are due by May 1!
  • YP Chair and Vice Chair Participate in the IAM Virtual Executive Committee Meeting
  • Welcome New IAM-YP Members
  • Stay Connected

IAM-YP On The Move

IAM-YP Management Board makes plans for the year ahead

IAM YP On the Move
In this issue...

YPs Establish 2021 Goals


IAM Selects a Theme for the 59th Annual Meeting


Welcome New IAM-YP Members

YPs Establish 2021 Goals

The has set their agenda and goals for 2021 and is dedicated to overseeing specific activities to support the Mission of the YP membership:


The IAM-YP will provide global moving and mobility professionals under the age of 40 with professional development, networking, and philanthropic opportunities to prepare its members to lead IAM and the industry in the future.


Here are the ways in which your IAM-YP Management board is working for you:


(YP Chair)



“I am excited to serve as IAM-YP Chair and have the opportunity to network, learn from industry professionals, and help plan for the future of IAM.


During my time as Chair, I plan to get more involved with IAM-YP members by promoting IAM professional development opportunities, encouraging IAM-YP philanthropic efforts, facilitating networking opportunites, and helping expand the energy of this group to members and all industry young professionals.”


Atlas World Group, International


“In my role on the YP-Management board, I will work towards increasing awareness of the GGI (Global Green Initiative) in collaboration with LACMA Next and the FIDI 39 Club to look for opportunities for innovation and going green.


Additionally, I’ll be engaged with IAM-YP members to help provide content and support in growing their careers,”


MF Interlogistics


Professional Development: “In my last year on the board, I want to make sure that I can prepare the next generation to build a protected environment where YP members can grow, learn, build friendships and contribute to IAM.


The YP group has potential to develop the young professionals of IAM members to be the leaders of the future.


My focus will be on the professional development and mentoring of the YP members. With the experience gained over the last 15 years as a member I am positive that this “old fart” can be of great use for the current members until by age discrimination I am kicked out.”


21st Century Relocations


“As an IAM-YP board member, I am committed to strive to increase the strength of the group by captivating more & more young achievers to sign on and be actively engaged in all the events and effectuate much larger member base.


Periodic polls & surveys as well as discussions & contests are different forms of enthrallment with which I plan to keep the group astir.


In pursuance of having the enthusiasm to serve the board in future, I will involve those interested members to provide their valuable inputs for the betterment of our group.”


Welcome the newest member of the IAM-YP Management Board!

of has joined the IAM-YP Management Board.


IAM Selects a Theme for the 59th Annual Meeting


Challenge of Change, a Community Transformed



Staff has begun planning the Annual Meeting with IAM’s professional meeting management company. IAM will ensure a sanitary environment at the conference venue and will be unveiling a safety pledge shortly that will be designed to keep our members safe. Look out for more details as the IAM-YP Management Board plans the agenda for the YP related events.


YPs select the topic for the July/August issue of the Portal magazine

The July/August issue of the Portal magazine is dedicated to the interests of the IAM YPs, and the Management Board has chosen to harmonize the topic with the Annual Meeting theme - The Challenge of Change: A Community Transformed - with a focus on the positive effects that COVID-19 has had on the moving industry.


Look for a formal call for submissions in April with more information! If you want to be prepared for the June 15th deadline, take a look at our .

YP Happy Hour resumes!

IAM-YP Members connected for the first YP Happy Hour of 2021. We had a few YP members join the Happy Hour for the first time. Thank you to Matthieu Odijk for introducing everyone on the call. It was a great networking opportunity for new IAM-YP members to share their name and company information.


IAM-YP will host a virtual happy hour every 6 weeks. We are all looking forward to connecting with you all again in late March.


Carla Webb from SEACORP stated, “I enjoyed my first YP Happy Hour experience. It was great to catch up with fellow YP members and I thank Brian Limperopulos for taking the time to share information on IAM resources.”


AFWSF Applications are due by May 1!

The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund (AFWSF) is the cornerstone of the International Association of Movers’ scholastic assistance initiative. Named for distinguished Association founder and General Counsel Emeritus Alan F. Wohlstetter, the fund benefits the employees of IAM member companies and their dependents, as well as students.


Since its launch in 2002, the AFW Scholarship Fund has awarded more than 80 scholarships of US$5,000 each.



YP Chair and Vice Chair Participate in the IAM Virtual Executive Committee Meeting

From January 26th to 28th, IAM held its first fully virtual Executive Committee meeting and strategic planning session. The volunteer leaders set aside three full days to set the course and direction for the Association for the next few years. The YP Management Board appreciates IAM giving both Sheena and Lennert the possibility to listen, discuss and give input towards building a better IAM for its members!


Sheena: "I enjoyed participating in the January IAM Executive Committee Meeting. As a IAM-YP Member it was rewarding for me and Lennert to contribute and join in the strategic planning for the future of IAM.


Lennert: "I'm really thankful for the Executive Committee and the IAM for inviting me to the strategic meeting. Gave me a great insight of the upcoming plans and voice a YP-perspective.


Join us in celebrating the achievements of your fellow YPs who have recently completed one or more IAM Learning courses, especially those who have achieved their IAM Trusted Moving Specialist credential:

  • Sarah Brown, Central Van Lines, Inc.
  • Kenneth Cheong, Smart Relocators Pte. Ltd.
  • Anu Dattani, Universal Relocations Inc. (IAM Trusted)
  • Esin Demirkapi, Wilhelm Rosebrock GmbH & Co. KG (IAM Trusted)
  • Anish DSouza, ISS Relocations (IAM Trusted)
  • Jay Farfan, JK Moving Services (IAM Trusted)
  • Shankar Ram Ganapathy, Delight International Movers (IAM Trusted)
  • Alexander Kiefer, Frey & Klein Internationale Spedition GmbH (IAM Trusted)
  • Sheamus O'Connor, Dice Forwarding Inc.
  • Nishant Shah, LAC Relocations
  • Krystle-Lynn Stephens, Team Six International
  • Rich Stewart, JK Moving Services (IAM Trusted)
  • Terence Wee, Smart Relocators Pte. Ltd. (IAM Trusted)


Welcome New IAM-YP Members

Get to know your new fellow IAM-YP members and start networking through their LinkedIn profiles, or say hi over at the Facebook Group.

Stay Connected

Want to find other YPs? Search IAM Young Professional Qualified Individual on the for the full list of companies with IAM-YP members.


Then keep up to date with your fellow IAM-YP Members at the (if you're not yet a member, you will have to request permission to join). Questions about the membership or want to sign up a friend? See more on the.

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