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February 17, 2021

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  • IAM Publishes White Paper on Current Supply Chain Issues
  • US TRANSCOM delays awarding new contract worth up to $20 billion for military household goods moves
  • IAM Leadership Alliance Council
  • Women Business Owners Share Their Secrets to Success - Feb. 18
  • Coming Up on IAM Learning
  • Executive Committee Goes Virtual
  • Hall of Honor Call for Nominations
  • Young Movers Conference Postponed
  • 24 Companies Set To Join IAM on March 1
  • Alleged Debtor List
  • Recent IAM Newsletters and Communications

IAM ePortal Newsletter

IAM Publishes White Paper on Current Supply Chain Issues; US TRANSCOM delays awarding new contract

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IAM Publishes White Paper on Current Supply Chain Issues

This paper, “Supply Chain Issues and their Impact on the International Moving Industry and its Clients”, details the impacts each of you are facing when trying to transport your client’s goods worldwide. Skyrocketing freight rates, port congestion, and container / equipment shortages are just some of the factors contributing to this global crisis.


The intent of this paper is to expound on the wide-ranging impacts of this global crisis on the moving industry and its corporate, government, and private moving services consumers. It is IAM’s hope that this will lead all parties to have a better understanding of the problem and promote a collaborative environment where key players can find answers and solutions to this complex issue.


Download the paper in or . Special thanks to Jason Will of Asian Tigers, Carl Haggstrom of Classic Moving and Storage, Tony Tickner of The Eurogroup, and Jim Nance of Southwest Port Services in providing feedback and insight on this issue.

US TRANSCOM delays awarding new contract worth up to $20 billion for military household goods moves

Officials at U.S. Transportation Command have delayed their award of a contract aimed at improving household goods moves for military members and their families. This delay pushes back the start of the new system several months to the fall of 2022. The new system will fundamentally change how TRANSCOM does business, by putting the day-to-day management of household goods moves into the hands of a contractor. TRANSCOM will still oversee the management.

IAM Leadership Alliance Council

The IAM Leadership Alliance Council held its first kickoff meeting to outline the goals and objectives of the Leadership Alliance Program. The council members discussed the first year initiatives the group will tackle over the course of year. IAM looks forward to working with this the fantastic group of individuals!


, an interview between Georgia Angell of and Nicki French and Steven Korcz of . This was the first in a series of podcasts on corporations and organizations that are achieving improvements or reaching their goals with having more women and diversification within leadership roles at their company or organization. If your company has achieved success in this area, and are willing to share their story and ideas, we would love to hear from you for a future podcast. .

Women Business Owners Share Their Secrets to Success - Feb. 18

Business owners plan and organize the day-to-day operations of their companies. The tasks of an owner include defining their business and financial plans, mentoring staff, and promoting their brand or service across the industry, to name just a few.


This session will bring together a panel of successful women business owners to share their stories on how they got started, obstacles they faced along the way, and their secrets to success.


Moderator Georgia Angell (Trellis Vine Consulting, LLC) will take a deep dive into the actual experiences and challenges these women face. The panelists will discuss what they are doing differently within their companies to help female employees grow, how they support diversity initiatives, and share their opinion on the future outlook for women in the industry.

IAM Learning

Coming Up on IAM Learning

Executive Committee Goes Virtual

IAM recently held its first fully virtual Executive Committee meetings and strategic planning session. These volunteer leaders set aside three full days to set the course and direction for the Association for the next few years. We appreciate their contributions and devotion toward building a better IAM for its members! And we are grateful to their companies for empowering them to do so.

Hall of Honor Call for Nominations

The was established in 2008 to pay tribute to those Industry leaders whose careers reflect exceptional and distinguished service to their companies or the Association, or who have worked to elevate the Industry as a whole. Since its inception, . Nominations for this distinguished group may be submitted by any IAM member, client or customer. , which includes pictures of all the inductees over time.


If you have a suggestion for someone who should be in the Hall of Honor, . Nominees do not have to be from IAM members companies and do not have to be still living to be awarded.

Young Movers Conference Postponed

The Young Movers Conference, originally scheduled for May 6-9 in Dublin, has been postponed until March 28- April 1, 2022. The event next year is still planned for Dublin. Keep up to date with industry events on the . Please send additions and changes to .

IAM Mobility Exchange

24 Companies Set To Join IAM on March 1

Every month, IAM publishes a . This is the list of your new potential business partners brought to you by IAM. Click on the map above to get a better view of where your new prospective colleagues are.

Alleged Debtor List

IAM keeps a list of companies that have been alleged to have unsettled debts with other member companies. , as it is updated often.

Recent IAM Newsletters and Communications



Member News


US Navy Blue Angel Arrives at Honolulu Harbor Via Pasha Hawaii’s M/V Jean Anne

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum today welcomed an iconic F/A-18C Hornet, better known as a Blue Angel, to its collection. Blue Angel #4 was unloaded at Honolulu Harbor by Hawaii Stevedores, Inc. following trans-Pacific movement of the aircraft via Pasha Hawaii’s M/V Jean Anne.

Owner of JK Moving buys White's Ferry

Chuck Kuhn, founder and CEO of JK Moving Services, and his wife Stacy Kuhn, have purchased White's Ferry in Leesburg, which was shut down December in a land dispute.


The owners of the land where the ferry docked in Virginia, known as Rockland, had complained that White’s Ferry was unlawfully occupying its land. White’s Ferry argued for its right to use the landing due to having customers and business operations on that side of the river for over two centuries.


Kuhn said in a news release he will be working with Peter Brown, the majority owner of Rockland Farm, in an effort to get the ferry reopened to the nearly 800 daily users.

De Haan Relocation: Driving on Vegetable Oil

De Haan Relocation in the Netherlands has recently converted three of its 11 vehicles to run on HVO100 (100% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). It is claimed that HVO100 reduces CO2 emissions by 90% when calculated across the entire supply chain (well to wheel).


De Haan vehicle running on vegetable oilSince 2014, the company has worked to reduce the impact of its actions on the environment. This is another example of how it is making a difference. HVO100 is a sustainable, fossil-free fuel for diesel engines, which is extracted mainly from plant residues, waste and residual raw materials and other organic material.

UNIRISC, Inc. a division of Risk Strategies acquires Willis Relocation Risk Group

Business unit purchase adds significant expertise to existing global relocation insurance and risk management services capabilities


UNIRISC, the relocation insurance division of leading national specialty insurance brokerage and risk management firm Risk Strategies, today announced its acquisition of Willis Relocation Risk Group, a specialty business unit which operated within Willis Towers Watson Global Marine providing insurance, risk management and claims solutions designed specifically for the mobility and relocation industries. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Adding to its 2020 acquisition of leading global relocation insurance and risk management specialist UNIRISC, the purchase of Willis Relocation Risk Group positions Risk Strategies as the preeminent risk management advisor to the global moving and relocation industry.


"We are very excited by the opportunities and synergies this partnership will bring to our clients and team members,” said Ken McClinton, Risk Strategies’ Managing Director at UNIRISC. “This simply could not be a better fit for both UNIRISC, Willis Relocation and Risk Strategies."


Serving a uniquely complex and demanding market, Risk Strategies’ UNIRISC Division brokerage team customizes coverage for everything from vacant homes to household goods on a worldwide basis. Its third-party administrator group employs proprietary technology to manage and streamline the claims process for self-insured relocation clients.


The Willis Relocation Group operations will be merged into UNIRISC’s operating structure, adding to its overall capabilities. This merger of capabilities, experience, and expertise will significantly enhance the UNIRISC division’s ability to deliver world-class client service provided while continuing to offer the industry's most innovative insurance solution.

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