eGov/Mil Newsletter: September 24, 2020

September 24, 2020

In this Issue:

  • Military and Government Affairs Panel
  • California Closes Out Legislative Session
  • USTC J9 Peak Season Call (24 Sep)
  • 2020 Fall PPF Summary
  • USTC J9 Advisories Since Last eGov/Mil Newsletter

IAM eGov/Mil Newsletter

Military and Government Affairs Panel; 2020 Fall PPF Summary

IAM e-Gov/Mil
U.S. Military Move Coordinator Training Course

Military and Government Affairs Panel

October 23, 9:00 am–10:30 am EDT


Hear from senior Military and Government leaders in the DOD, GSA, and DOS household goods programs and a review of challenges associated with the past peak season. Learn about latest initiatives, potential program changes, and where these programs are focused for 2021.



  • Moderator: Mike Richardson, VP International DP3/OTO Program, Senate Forwarding
  • Rick Marsh, Director, Defense Personal Property System. U.S. Transportation Command
  • Robyn Bennett, Lead Traffic Management Specialist, GSA ERRC
  • Joseph DeLorenzo, Acting Associate Administrator of Enforcement, FMCSA, USDOT
  • Manny Hazel, ITGBL Quality Control Officer, U.S. Department of State
  • Timothy Smith, Supervisor of Collections, GSA Transportation Audits Division

This panel will feature a Q&A session with participants.


California Closes Out Legislative Session

Governor Signs a Range of Legislation, Endorses a Significant November Ballot Initiative.

IAM closely followed the recent close of the California state legislative session, as several pieces of legislation that passed could impact nearly all IAM member companies with locations and businesses in the state. These high profile bills pertain primarily to employment, as the legislature grappled with several issues surrounding how businesses can safely operate within the context of COVID-19.

USTC J9 Peak Season Call (24 Sep)

The counseling and shipment award numbers for the week remain above the average for this week. J9 mentioned they see this as reflective of the peak season shift to the right. Slide 4 shows short fuse returning to normal levels after a sustained significant increase going back to week 27 or so.

2020 Fall PPF Summary

IAM participated in all 4 PPF sessions with USTRANSCOM J9 and the Services/JPPSOs. Below is a “short” summary; but there were many topics covered and this is NOT an attempt to detail them all. If something gets glossed over that you are interested in, let me know and I can try to go into more detail. I did not focus on taking notes, but mostly followed along with the slides, the conversation, and the chat box.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map

USTC J9 Advisories Since Last eGov/Mil Newsletter

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