IAM Podcast: Sept. 1, 2020

September 01, 2020

In this Issue:

Dan Bradley talks about various government and military issues, including:

  • J9 will continue the weekly Peak Season calls into November, due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.
  • DoD continues to predict capacity demands above the three-year average into the Fall.
  • J9 reports that CSS reports are down. IAM has heard that some customers have had trouble submitting their surveys, and this could be why. The good side is that CSS scores are higher than normal.
  • IAM submitted proposed business rules to J9, gathered from industry.
  • J9 recently released a spacial solicitation for traffic to and from Okinawa, Hawaii, and Spain, intending to supply those routes to a single-source provider.
  • IAM is standing up an effort to handle the needs of the U.S. Domestic Asset-Based movers. You will hear more about DAB in the future and IAM already has quite a bit of programming for this group at the Virtual Annual Meeting Oct. 21-23.
  • The Virtual Annual Meeting early adopter discount has been extended through Sept. 7.