eGov/Mil Newsletter: March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020

In this Issue:

  • USTRANSCOM Issues “Stop Movement” Advisory for Army DP3 Shipments to/from Italy and Korea
  • DHS Announces Availability of 35,000 Supplemental H-2B Visas
  • JPPSO-NC Volume Move Memo
  • Air Force Personal Property Activity (PPA) Releases 2020 Peak Season Special Interest Items (SIIs)
  • AMSA Cancels 2020 Conference
  • USTRANSCOM-Europe Cancels Personal Property Meeting
  • JPPSO-SC Industry Day Notes
  • USTRANSCOM Provides Input to Notification of Loss or Damage Forms
  • 7 Military Move Changes Coming This Spring
  • Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) Industry Days

USTRANSCOM Issues “Stop Movement” Advisory for Army DP3 Shipments to/from Italy and Korea

USTC J9 issued PP Advisory #20-0054 to alert industry of the Army’s Stop Movement order for all PCSing Soldiers and Families going to/from Italy and Korea effective immediately. In addition, USTC issued PP Advisory #20-0053 for PPSOs. This advisory provides guidance from USTC to PPSOs on the same subject. With advisory #0053, TSPs can be aware of the guidance PPSOs are receiving on Italy/Korea shipments.



Source: TCJ9

DHS Announces Availability of 35,000 Supplemental H-2B Visas

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on 5 March that it will make available 35,000 supplemental H-2B temporary nonagricultural worker visas for the second half of fiscal year 2020. Some movers have been successful in the past using this program to gain seasonal help for peak season.


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JPPSO-NC Volume Move Memo

JPPSO-NC alerted IAM they had received notification of additional Peak Season 2020 requirements, and intend to submit volume move requests via DPS as of this week. These volume move requirements originate from Fort Carson, CO, with Fort Knox, Fort Bragg, and Fort Lewis as destinations. See the JPPSO-NC memo for full details.



Source: JPPSO-NC

Air Force Personal Property Activity (PPA) Releases 2020 Peak Season Special Interest Items (SIIs)

In coordination with the three Air Force CONUS JPPSOs, AF PPA provided their 2020 SIIs for industry awareness. There are 10 focus areas for 2020. See the AF memo for a complete listing.



Source: AF PPA

AMSA Cancels 2020 Conference

From the conference website:

In light of the states of emergency declared in multiple municipalities, and out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our members, AMSA’s Executive Committee has opted to cancel the 2020 Education Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Additional details will be provided in the next few days.

Thank you for your patience as we work through next steps.


Bill Paxton
AMSA Chair

USTRANSCOM-Europe Cancels Personal Property Meeting

On 9 March, the USTC-Europe office notified industry partners that it was canceling the USTC European Workshop, tentatively scheduled for 28-29 April. The notification stated that, “…due to current global events, we do not think it would be prudent to hold a large public gathering.”



Source: USTC-Europe

JPPSO-SC Industry Day Notes

JPPSO-SC held their Industry Day on 4 March in San Antonio. The event was well attended and provided some good dialogue between TSPs/agents and JPPSO and PPPO members. See the slides for the day.


Some highlights from the day include:


- The JPPSO Commander mentioned that with GHC looming there was some pessimism during their recent PPPO meeting that this summer would be successful. He requested everyone keep their eye on the task at hand and work through this upcoming peak season as opposed to overly focusing on what might happen in the future.


- With regard to the new rules associated with the $400 reweigh failure penalty, the JPPSO staff stated their guidance from USTC is to dispute destination charges when the reweigh refund is not invoiced and deny charges after 7 GBDs if corrective action (payment) is not taken.


- AF JPPSOs using a 7-day pick up spread this year. They are not certain what the other Services will do. An advisory with details is due out soon.


- The Air Force is adopting a new method of manual bookings for those shipments that have gone through all the standard booking methods and due to blackouts and refusals have not been accepted by any TSP (in Offer Rejected or Timeout status). SC will use e-mail to coordinate movement and mail merge to communicate with TSPs. JPPSOs NE and NC (and potentially SC) will essentially use a load board and place those shipments on the load board (using the “Box” as an alternative to emailing spreadsheets as they did last peak season. Shipments will be offered to agents and TSPs to find capacity and the JPPSO will marry the two together to move the shipment. Even if blacked out, if you have rates on file for the appropriate channel you may be contacted by JPPSO to see if you can service a specific shipment. If using Box you can select shipments you are interested in. For JPPSO SC, if Box not used they will likely contact agents first and ask for their preferred TSP and coordinate with the TSP from there.


- JPPSO personnel reinforced the point of making sure a member had a valid line of accounting and entitlement before delivering out a converted shipment from storage. Call the JPPSO customer service first.


- JPPSO wanted to reinforce the importance of communicating/updating DPS with delivery status on shipments from storage...even partial deliveries.


- JPPSO-SC reinforced their desire to have QA present for inbound shipments (as well as outbound) as a way to support the member and TSP by heading off problems before they occur. But stressed they need good and timely data in DPS to accomplish their 80% goal. They are open to good ideas to help accomplish the goal.


- Asked for insight on refusals, JPPSO SC stated they do not have definitive guidance from USTC but speculate refusals will exist in some form. Industry reps pushed for JPPSO to push USTC for guidance soon as the TDL is coming next week.


- See attached slides for “Pre-approval tips to speed approval” for SC insights on what they will or will not approve. They were challenged by audience on first bullet that says “special services not approved may be furnished to client...but client was responsible to pay TSP directly.” They were told that isn’t allowed by business rules. SC said they would explore that further. Also challenged on SC’s requirement for wanting tractor trailer location when requesting shuttles. Said they would review the rules and confirm if that requirement is valid.


- The slide depicting flat panel TV cartons as a replacement for crating was shown as SC’s preferred method for moving essentially any fragile item that would fit in the carton (TVs, mirrors, etc). SC said to not expect them to approve a crate when this $34 carton was an alternative option for an item. They mentioned that no new item arrived at your door from Amazon in a crate. And that they are seeing more and more crates not properly built or blocked & braced.


- SC said they would have a list coming out shortly with prices for services like safe moving companies that they believed offered capabilities for much cheaper than TSPs had requested last year. The audience cautioned the use of companies who just stated they were licensed, bonded, insured vice proving it. SC said they would take that into consideration.


All-in-all it was a good meeting with good dialogue between industry and government. And JPPSO took feedback from industry that helped them better understand industry processes and stated they would take back feedback from industry on a number of items and explore them more fully before finalizing their stance.




USTRANSCOM Provides Input to Notification of Loss or Damage Forms

Based on TSP feedback on the ability to use their current stock of Notification of Loss or Damage at or after Delivery, IAM asked USTC their position on using the current form until stocks run out. Their reply to our inquiry was as follows: “With notice nearly 6 months in advance, TSPs should be able to print new forms. Our concern is that someone would "forget" to pen and ink the changes and inadvertently provide incorrect information to the customer. The form is in the TOS for ease of duplication. We do understand some TSPs have crated the old forms mass and desire to conserve resources; in such cases, the pen and ink change is required for before the old form can be used.”


Additionally, to ensure everyone is on the same page, we sought clarification from USTC when the change from 75 days for notification of damage, to 180 days is effective. As suspected, they stated the 180 days is effective for shipments picked up 15 May 2020 or later.



Source: USTC J9 7 Military Move Changes Coming This Spring included an article summarizing the changes coming for the new 2020 Peak Season. The article states, officials are rolling out a series of “small” changes aimed at making military moves a little less stressful for 2020 peak season.


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Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) Industry Days

JPPSO-NW Partnership with Industry Conference is scheduled for 23 April. They request RSVP NLT 15 April. See full meeting and RSVP details.


JPPSO-NE Industry Day is scheduled for 7 April, at Hanscom AFB, MA. Attendees must RSVP by 20 March.


JPPSO-NC is holding their 2nd Annual Industry Summit on 21 & 22 April at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs, CO. RSVP by 31 January.


JPPSO-SC Commander sends “thank you” letter to industry day participants.



Source: IAM/JPPSOs