ePortal Newsletter Feb. 7, 2020

February 07, 2020

In this Issue:

  • IAM Visits U.S. State Department
  • IAM Visits U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Readers of The Portal Magazine Want to Hear from You!
  • IAM Cancels Memberships for Companies on Alleged Debtor List
  • New IAM Members for February
  • Your IAM Mobile App: IAM Mobile 24/7
  • Hall of Honor Call for Nominations
  • Coronavirus predicted to wipe 6m teu of Chinese box volumes in Q1

IAM ePortal Newsletter

Alleged Debtor List Updates; Submit Now for Next Portal Magazine

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IAM Visits U.S. State Department

IAM Staff Leadership visited the officials from the U.S. State Department (DOS) Transportation and Travel Management Division on Feb. 6, to discuss their program, which moves 30,000 international shipments per year to locations worldwide. One prospective change to their program discussed by DOS leadership was to mandate that their service providers utilize digital inventories and that they conform to the standards. This change is initially being proposed for the next DOS local Washington, DC storage contract which is to be bid toward the end of 2020 with a possible expansion to the ITGBL (door to door) program in future years.

IAM Visits U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

IAM Staff Leadership also visited officials at the FMCSA, which is the US regulatory agency charged with overseeing interstate transportation of household goods and personal effects in the U.S. The purpose of this meeting was to meet the new interim Chief of the Commercial Enforcement and Investigations Division, Paul Bomgardner, and discuss how the FMCSA and IAM can work together to further consumer education in the U.S. using tools like . IAMX users can now access all of the information on the through Mobility Exchange if a company has received a license from the FMCSA.

IAM Learning

Readers of The Portal Magazine Want to Hear from You!

The Portal magazine invites member contributions on two important topics in the March/April issue:


1. Africa: A Regional Focus

It’s been nine years since the Portal last focused on Africa, a continent rich in opportunities, challenges, risks and rewards. During that time, the moving and forwarding industry has experienced tremendous growth in the midst of political, cultural, and economic change, and IAM member companies have risen to the occasion. For a list of suggested topics, see our Coming Up in the Portal web page.


2. How to start preparing NOW for the Annual Meeting & Expo

Practical advice for new (and not-so-new) attendees about how to begin now to make the most of your time at the Annual Meeting in October.


The deadline for submissions to both topics is February 15. See the full and on the IAM website.

IAM Cancels Memberships for Companies on Alleged Debtor List

The is a collection of all IAM Members that are allegedly not paying their invoices to other members. These members are listed on the website so members in good standing can make more informed decisions about whom they want to do business with. IAM has cancelled the memberships for a number of companies that had been previously listed on the Alleged Debtor List for failure to pay IAM Membership dues.

New IAM Members for February

Every month, IAM publishes a list of . This is the list of your new business partners brought to you by IAM. Click on the map above to get a better view of where your new colleagues are.

IAM Mobility Exchange

Your IAM Mobile App: IAM Mobile 24/7

is a year-round app with all the critical information users need to stay connected with IAM's most popular information offerings. The first step is to download the app. You can get it on the or . Search for “IAM Mobile 24/7.”


What's in the app?

IAM has put the most popular aspects of the website into the app so you can have it in the palm of your hand. In the app, you can find IAM's Country Guides, IAMX Directory, IAM Annual Meeting, The Portal Magazine, In-app messaging between users, and more.


You can also . If you have questions about IAM Mobile 24/7, .

Hall of Honor Call for Nominations

was established in 2008 to pay tribute to those Industry leaders whose careers reflect exceptional and distinguished service to their companies or the Association, or who have worked to elevate the Industry as a whole. Since its inception, . Nominations for this distinguished group may be submitted by any IAM member, client or customer.


If you have a suggestion for someone who should be in the Hall of Honor, . Nominees do not have to be from IAM members companies and do not have to be still living to be awarded.

Coronavirus predicted to wipe 6m teu of Chinese box volumes in Q1

On the container front, analysts at Alphaliner are warning that the coronavirus will reduce container cargo volumes at Chinese ports – including Hong Kong – by over 6m teu in the first quarter of 2020. This volume contraction is expected to reduce global container throughput growth by at least 0.7% for the full year.



Member News


Passing of Bernhard "Bernie" Schaaf, founder and former CEO of ims

Bernhard "Bernie" Schaaf, founder and former CEO of ims – International Moving Service, in Frankfurt, Germany, died on 11th January 2020. Bernie was a true self-made man and can be considered one of the foremost leaders in the international moving business in the German market. After having worked working in the moving industry for 13 years, Bernie founded ims in 1972 aged 33. Within the next 10 years he was able to expand his company and open branches in 4 further Germany cities and even a branch in Cairo, Egypt in 1982. In the same year he was awarded Ambassador of the Year by Allied Van Lines.


Bernie has always been an inspiration to anyone who had the chanced privilege? of working with him. As time passed by Bernie sold all of his branches to their local managers giving them the opportunity to raise their own businesses. In 2008 Bernie was forced to retire as his affliction of Parkinson desease disease became too severe to allow him to pursue his business activities any further and so he sold ims to the family-operated company Christ Umzüge with headquarter in Heilbronn. Bernie will be deeply missed by his family, former colleagues and employees and all people who have been lucky enough to know him.

New Ownership for Irish Relocation Services Ltd.

Dwellworks LLC, the leading provider of global destination and housing support services for workforce mobility has announced the sale of its Dublin-based global removals business, Irish Relocation Services Ltd., to William Tighe and Paul Coy. Mr. Tighe and Mr. Coy were previous owners/investors in the business with long and successful histories in global removals and relocation services. In announcing the agreement, Bob Rosing, CEO, Dwellworks noted, “We acquired the removals business when we expanded our destination services capabilities into Ireland in 2017. That’s our core business and this sale allows the moving business to be back in the hands of these very capable operators. We’ll redouble our attention to the destination service and corporate housing businesses that we have in Ireland and many parts of Europe. And we are excited to partner with William and Paul on helping each other’s business grow when and where we can.”


The Irish Relocation Services Ltd. brand, known to the industry as IrishRelo, and logo will be retained by the moving business.

Paxton International receives gift of appreciation for refugee help

North Virginia-based Paxton International has been given a gift of appreciation by the NOVA Relief Center for its long-term support of the Syrian Refugee Blanket and Coat Drive. The gift was accepted by Mary K Paxton on behalf of the company.


Paxton has been actively involved in this humanitarian effort, providing a range of support including donations of boxes, time, manpower, trucking, storage, consolidation and transportation, since 2013.

Gosselin to Become Official Consolidation Hub for Inland Navigation

Starting on Feb. 1, containers sailing to and from the Port of Antwerp via the Albert Canal have been consolidated at the Gosselin terminal on the Albert Canal. From there, they are loaded in groups of at least 20 containers onto a barge and transported to one of the deep sea terminals. This new working method is being implemented on the recommendation of and in cooperation with the Antwerp Port Authority and the Flemish Region authorities.


“We are 100% ready,” says Marc Smet, CEO of Gosselin Group. “Last year we expanded our terminal by adding 20,000 m², putting us in the ideal position to handle the extra volume.”

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