eGov/Mil Newsletter: November 14, 2019

November 14, 2019

In this Issue:

  • Website is Retired
  • USTC Releases Proposed Changes to 2020 Defense Personal Property Program
  • Non-Temp Storage Contract Request for Information (RFI)
  • USTRANSCOM Personal Property Division Becoming its Own Directorate
  • USTRANSCOM Advisory on Annual Qualifications
  • The Portal magazine’s 2020 editorial calendar is here! Website is Retired

Effective November 12th, the website was retired, and is now the authoritative source for Contract Opportunities. You can see the Global Household Goods Contract information on the new website.


The page is less intuitive than the previous page, but all the same information is covered.



USTC Releases Proposed Changes to 2020 Defense Personal Property Program

USTC issued advisory 20-0010, requesting review of 2020 DP3 proposed business rule changes. Inputs to proposed changes are due by 4:30 pm, CST on November 19. A list of email addresses to send inputs to is covered in the advisory. It is critical that you get your proposed inputs/concerns on proposed changes to USTC leaders.

USTC will only accept inputs in their Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM). The CRMs are posted at for each of the various documents (IT20, Claims & Liability, 400NG, Tender of Service).

USTC will NOT accept Association inputs as reflective of industry inputs. Each TSP or agent should provide input on the business rules directly to USTC via the appropriate CRM, to the email addresses in the advisory. Don’t rely on someone else to make your concerns known to USTC. Please submit responses as outlined in the advisory.


Source: USTC

Non-Temp Storage Contract Request for Information (RFI)

USTC put out an RFI for interested bidders on potential NTS contract. Responses from interested parties are due Dec. 7. See the draft PWS.


The posting states “The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is conducting a market research survey in order to effectively identify the capabilities of small businesses, existing entrants, and new entrants into Federal contracting, available in the market place for meeting the requirements of the Non-Temporary Storage Contract (NTSC). The information being requested will be used within the Department of Defense (DOD) to facilitate decision-making and will not be disclosed outside the agency.” You can find more information on the RFI at the new page.



Source: USTC

USTRANSCOM Personal Property Division Becoming its Own Directorate

It appears from the release of information on proposed DP3 business rule changes that USTC is transitioning their personal property functions out of the J5/4 (Strategic Plans, Policy, and Logistics Directorate), and into their own Directorate, apparently designated the J9. I can’t confirm any additional information at this time. USTC will likely issue a public release of details once everything is finalized and the transition is effective.


This move would appear to be in the right direction. Industry has been critical in the past that senior leaders in the command had multiple lines of business and warfighting functions to focus on, and so could only give their attention to personal property on a sporadic basis. It would seem if current Personal Property Division functions are going to be assigned their own directorate, a senior leader at the one-star equivalent level will lead the directorate, and their sole focus should be household goods.



Source: IAM

USTRANSCOM Advisory on Annual Qualifications

USTC released advisory 19-0124 on 27 September with information for TSPs on updating their Certificate of Independent Pricing (CIP) and Certificate of Responsibility (COR). Updates must be completed by 19 December.


Once complete, TSPs must ensure documents are in an “UNDER REVIEW” status and not showing “IN PROGRESS” or “SUBMITTED” status.



Source: USTC

The Portal magazine’s 2020 editorial calendar is here!

The Portal magazine will invite member contributions on a variety of topics in 2020, starting with the January/February issue:

Time Away: What Movers do when They’re Not Moving

If you’ve ever worked in a different industry, changed professions, taken a sabbatical or time away from work, or retired and “rewired,” we want to hear your story. What else have you done? What was your drive to make changes? Who did you meet along the way, and how have the people you worked with contributed to your journey? And, what advice would you give to others who may follow in your footsteps?


The deadline for submissions is December 15. See the full 2020 editorial calendar and submission guidelines on the IAM website.