eGov/Mil Newsletter: September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019

In this Issue:

  • USTRANSCOM Hosts Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF)
  • USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander Hosts DP3 Executive Working Group (EWG)
  • DP3 2019 Peak Season Hotwash

USTRANSCOM Hosts Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF)

USTRANSCOM hosted the PPF at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights, IL on 18 September. The meeting was well attended by industry and DOD representatives from USTRANSCOM, JPPSOs, Military Claims Offices and Service headquarters representatives. USTRANSCOM stated they would post the slides from the various sessions on not later than 25 September.


The agenda included opening remarks by COL Gipson; a look at 2019 DP3 Initiatives and a Peak Season review; NTS, POV, and DPM updates; a Service panel, Claims panel, and industry panel.


Major themes discussed included JPPSO and industry opinions on refusals, Code 2, minimum performance scores, inconvenience claims being per diem based, and DOD’s desire for more special solicitations to get service in hard lift areas.


Overall, USTC believes this past peak season may end up being one of the better peak seasons in the past few years, but they are still collecting data on the CSS and claims before making any broad pronouncements.


It is clear the DOD does not want to continue with refusals; but USTC also clearly heard industry’s preference for refusals next peak season. Whether refusals continue will not likely be settled for a few months.



Source: IAM

USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander Hosts DP3 Executive Working Group (EWG)

Vice Admiral Dee Mewbourne, USTC’s Deputy Commander, hosted senior officers and civilians from throughout the DOD, along with a select group of household goods industry leaders in the first-ever DP3 EWG. USTC hosts other executive working groups in major program areas (air, sealift, domestic surface), and since taking over household goods from SDDC, has been planning an EWG for DP3.


The meeting consisted of a DP3 program update; a peak season review; 2019 initiatives review (refusals, Code 2, short fuse expansion); potential 2020 initiatives; and Service and Industry recommendations and perspectives.


USTC plans to continue to host a DP3 EWG about every six months, and states they will rotate members to ensure they get a diverse voice from industry.



Source: IAM

DP3 2019 Peak Season Hotwash

USTRANSCOM’s Personal Property staff is hosting the annual Peak Season hotwash (19 September), following the Fall PPF. IAM staff (and AMSA) were not invited to this year’s hotwash per to guidance from USTC senior leadership. Due to what appears to be retribution for IAM questioning USTC’s Global Household Goods contract initiative, Associations were not invited to the hotwash for the first time. When questioned as to the philosophy behind shutting out Associations, the USTC Commander, and COL Gipson both stated separately that it was apparent that the Associations were not representing “the masses” in terms of speaking on behalf of their members. When pushed further as to what data or analysis USTC had to suggest IAM was not representing their membership, COL Gipson stated she did not have any data.


We will seek feedback from industry representatives who were invited to attend (the same invitees of the DP3 EWG) and provide updates on how the meeting went as we get them.



Source: IAM