eGov/Mil Newsletter: May 2, 2019

May 02, 2019

In this Issue:

  • IAM’s Fourth Article in a Series of Op-Ed Pieces on DoD’s Global Household Goods Contract (GHC)
  • Annual Meeting Registration Open for Governing Members
  • USTRANSCOM Weekly Peak Season Teleconference
  • 2019 DP3 Peak Season Message for Movement of DoD Personal Property Shipments
  • Contribute to The Portal Magazine
  • USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander Gets New Assignment

IAM’s Fourth Article in a Series of Op-Ed Pieces on DoD’s Global Household Goods Contract (GHC)

In a continuing series of Op-Ed pieces on DoD’s GHC, IAM has posted the fourth article on the topic. The article is titled, “DoD’s Contracting Initiative—a Rational Business Decision or a Roll of the dice?” The article explores how the proposed USTRANSCOM initiative to privatize the DoD household moving program under a single provider is filled with significant risk for all of the stakeholders.

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Annual Meeting Registration Open for Governing Members

Registration for the IAM 57th Annual Meeting in Chicago is open for Governing Members. Haven't registered yet? Sponsorships are running out, so act now. Download the prospectus for more information.

USTRANSCOM Weekly Peak Season Teleconference

In preparation for peak season, USTRANSCOM initiated their weekly peak season call with Personal Property representatives from throughout the DoD, and Association industry representatives. These calls will continue on a weekly basis until the end of August. Included in these calls for the first time are various DoD Personnel staffers. This is an effort in the DoD to view their move cycle in a more holistic framework by having the DoD Logistics and Personnel communities work together to improve the service member’s moving experience.


COL Lounsbrough reported that USTRANSCOM’s Customer Support Center hotline is operational as of yesterday. The number to the hotline is located on This call center is considered an augmentation to the Service’s support for the customer, not a replacement.


COL Lounsbrough asked if industry was identifying any capacity concerns yet. AMSA responded that they’ve heard of concerns projected in the Panama City area with a potential lack of Agents available once peak season is in full force. A Personnel representative mentioned that DOD had approved non-concurrent travel for members moving into that area. He acknowledged it might not have a big impact, but it is a sign of the coordination between the Logistics and Personnel communities. USTRANSCOM mentioned they were starting to hear about US85 intrastate non-availability.


With regard to Refusals, JPPSO-NE stated they noticed a number of shipments that were being refused by the same TSP multiple times. In other words, a TSP had to refuse it more than once for it to move to the next TSP. USTRANSCOM asked for details so they could find where the glitch is and fix it.


Review the Peak Season Slides for this week.


Slide Notes:

  • Slide 4 shows we are 6K shipments ahead of the 3-year average for pickups.
  • Slide 5 Time Out Ratio has come back to normal. The previous spike was likely related to DPS issues that most experienced during that time.
  • Slide 6, short fuse awards are trending a little below the 3-year average.
  • Slide 10 shows a slight rise in the suspension ratio, but the numbers are so small, it is mostly related to the fact that we are 6K shipments above the historical average for this timeframe. The blackout ratio is also higher and also is related to the increase in shipments, but also likely to an increase in Code 2 blackouts.
  • Slide 12, Code 2 shipment percentage dipped a little from last week (from 10% to 9%), but is also a function of the increase in shipments picked up compared to previous years.
  • Slide 13 is where you can see the increased raw number of Code 2 awards compared to the 3-year average.


2019 DP3 Peak Season Message for Movement of DoD Personal Property Shipments

USTRANSCOM released Personal Property Advisory 19-0058 to all Service headquarters, PPSOs, and approved Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) outlining various items associated with peak season, and included six embedded documents. Those documents include the Refusals CONOPS; a DP3 Mold Trifold; an Inconvenience Trifold; the Customer Bill of Rights; a CSS Trifold; and the Code 2 CONOPS.

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July/August feature:

An IAM-YP Crystal Ball: Young Movers Consider the Future of the Moving Business

In our July/August issue, we invite our IAM-YP members to share their unique vision of the future of the moving, forwarding and relocation industry. How will the business climate change over the next five or ten years? What will remain the same? What is the logical progression of current trends, and how will outside forces shape our future?

USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander Gets New Assignment

According to a recent General Officer Announcement message, Lt Gen John J. Broadmeadow, currently the USTC Deputy Commander, will soon become the Director of the Marine Corps staff.

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