eGov/Mil Newsletter: January 10, 2019

January 10, 2019

In this Issue:

  • Update to Rate Filing Message
  • USTRANSCOM Spring Personal Property Forum
  • USTRANSCOM MilMove Telecon
  • Reminder: JPPSO-SC Annual Industry Meeting
  • IAM in Partnership with Association Revenue Partners
  • Will This Year’s Moving Season be Better than 2018?
  • IAM Connected Poll

DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Update to Rate Filing Message

USTRANSCOM put out additional guidance in an updated rate filing message with regard to the Saudi Arabia channel conversion from OTO to Code 6.

• Code 6: CONUS to/from Saudi Arabia (SA)
- TSPs filing COS 6 rates to Saudi Arabia will not include destination agent service charges in their SFR.
- TSPs filing COS 6 rates from Saudi Arabia will not include origin agent service charges in their SFR.

Volume CONUS to Saudi Arabia Volume Saudi Arabia to CONUS
FY16: 104 FY16: 99
FY17: 63 FY17: 129
FY18: 74 FY18: 129

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USTRANSCOM Spring Personal Property Forum

We’ve received a heads-up that the Spring PPF, held near Scott AFB, IL will take place March 19-21. No additional details or draft agenda is available at this time. The main days will be March 19 and 20. There may be an additional meeting on the 21st for a targeted audience, but that hasn’t been decided/finalized.



USTRANSCOM MilMove Telecon

There was a short update on MilMove development on 3 January. Coming out of the Holidays, there was very little additional status to report. Of the eight HHG moves in MilMove, most are completed or in SIT. One or two will finalize this month. Once all shipments are delivered or in SIT, Jeff Clark of Defense Digital Services (DDS) said they will provide a summary of the moves to include what worked well, and what they still need to improve or develop. DDS reported they’ve begun working with the TSPs who moved the first shipments on invoicing. They look to process their first invoices shortly, but it is in testing now. Per DDS, “nothing shocking” came out of invoice testing. There were some rounding transaction issues between MilMove and TSP systems, but apparently nothing major. DDS has been talking with GSA about auditing. They owe GSA a demo of the invoicing process. GSA is looking for time-stamped pre-approvals. DDS mentioned they are looking for about 10 moves in January, double that in February, and continue to increase the moves going forward. They want to bring in customers from the other Services to go along with Air Force. They are working on how to get more TSPs involved in the shipments in the near future as well. When asked, they said there was no specific percentage of shipments they were trying to move during peak season. They still see a total 1,000 shipments being the key for them to get the variability of shipment types that will allow them to feel more comfortable that MilMove is prepared to operate at scale.



Reminder: JPPSO-SC Annual Industry Meeting

JPPSO-SC will hold their annual industry meeting on 6 March, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Kelly Air Field, in San Antonio, TX. They are looking to modify their agenda this year to provide more interaction with industry than in previous years. Some topics they’d like to have industry experts cover are: how TSPs select agents; TSP reweigh process; TSP communication with customers; shipments still at origin past RDD; procedures related to “no-touch drivers”; and delays with delivery out of SIT.

JPPSO-SC is asking for volunteers to lead the discussion topics. Additional agenda details and registration requirements are attached.

Learn More about the JPPSO-SC Meeting

Source: JPPSO-SC

IAM in Partnership with Association Revenue Partners

IAM has signed a contract with Association Revenue Partners to sell ads on the IAM website, IAM Connected, and in our newsletters. Please welcome their calls as they try to help your company be seen by the whole membership. Contact Carl Weaver.

Will This Year’s Moving Season be Better than 2018?

Military Times writer Karen Jowers reviews 2018 Moving Season and looks forward to 2019:

After the unfortunate moving season of 2018, with numerous military families reporting damage to their household goods and delays, U.S. Transportation Command has been working with defense and service officials to improve the relocation experience.

“The focus is to collectively improve the relocation experience by synchronizing the personnel and logistics communities,” said Army Maj. David Dunn, spokesman for TRANSCOM, the executive agency for military household goods moves.

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