eGov/Mil Newsletter: November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018

In this Issue:

  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
    • First Meeting of DP3 Advisory Council
    • MARAD’s Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift Launches Web Training Portal
    • GSA Announces Transformation of Multiple Awards Schedules
  • IAM Here 2 Help Partners with American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)
  • Typhoon Yutu Relief: IAM Here 2 Help in Action

DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

First Meeting of DP3 Advisory Council

USTRANSCOM hosted their first DP3 Advisory Council. The Council is a result of the perceived unsuccessful Peak Season and negative social media attention on DOD’s moving program.


USTRANSCOM would like to use this Council to improve the relocation process for DOD members and dependents. The first meeting was hosted by COL Lounsbrough and Lt Col Ryan. Also participating from USTRANSCOM was Jill Smith, Danny Martinez, and Lt Col Laura Fogerty (USTRANSCOM Public Affairs). Jeff Clark from Defense Digital Services, responsible for developing MilMove, also participated. Myself and John Becker of AMSA were asked to represent industry. Spouses were represented by the creator of the “” petition on holding DOD moving companies accountable, the President of the Scott AFB Key Spouse Program (a volunteer organization on many AF installations that work to get information, programs, and support capabilities out to dependent spouses on the installation), and the National Guard Bureau’s Spouses Club President.


Meetings are targeted for once per month. In the future, USTRANSCOM envisions getting a few more spouses involved, potentially some service members, and representatives from the military services.


This first meeting was a basic introduction of who was participating and the goal of the group. COL Lounsbrough discussed current initiatives to help improve peak season next year such as: improvements made last year to that are customer focused instead of transportation officer focused; development of the prototype system to replace DPS; and the use of this Council to get ideas from DOD customers on ways to improve their moving experience. He mentioned that this past peak season was equal to or worse than previous years; and they would like to see improvement. He offered that for most of the year, while not perfect, the program was pretty good. But during the peak of the summer things get messy and cause a ripple effect that can impact multiple moves.


Lt Col Ryan mentioned that the goal was to make improvements for next peak season. They want to use this group to give them a sense of the heartbeat of the spouses. And they are looking for ways to make DOD’s strategic communication out to customers more effective as Spring approaches, as well as continuing the message throughout peak season.


There was some discussion on creating video vignettes with the help of the spouses so they could direct their message on what it takes to have a successful move in a way that spouses or servicemembers could and would absorb. If industry would like to participate in this video messaging, USTRANSCOM is open to our help. The spouses also brought up wanting to fully understand what their rights were as customers; and then how does that information make it down to the people who need it. The rights they referred to were related to understanding rules of what a mover was required to do…when you could ask movers to leave because it’s too late; whether you could keep movers from loading or unloading furniture in the rain; to name a couple of examples. COL Lounsbrough is providing them the customer bill of rights, and asked the group for feedback on how to improve it.


Generally, the group will meet once per month.




MARAD’s Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift Launches Web Training Portal

The Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift recently launched a web training portal which educates users regarding cargo preference laws and compliance requirements. While the training program is open to the public, the main target audience is: contracting officers, contractors and freight forwarders in the logistics community who deal with Government impelled cargoes. Users completing a successful training session will be issued a certificate displaying that they passed the program. This training program is a part of our business outreach initiative and strengthens our core mission to promote cargo preference with government agencies, companies and individuals on a larger scale.


MARAD also asked IAM to pass along the below information:


At any given moment, there are US Flag vessels sailing all around the world that may be able to accommodate US Flag impelled cargoes upon identifying the cargo availability dates, pick up & drop off ports, etc.


All US Flag vessel service from origin port to destination port, also known as US Flag P1, takes precedence over any other type of service including P2 (combination of US Flag & non-US Flag service). P2 service can be booked after receiving a determination of non-availability of P1 service from the Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift on a case by case basis when applicable.


Contractors/subcontractors or their freight forwarder are welcome to approach the US Flag fleet with regards to their enquiry. See a list of current US flag carriers and their POCs.


If an OTI is still unable to source and or identify US Flag service on a route, they are welcome to approach the Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift.



Once cargo has booked and sailed, stakeholders should be reminded of the reporting requirements as per the relevant FAR or DFAR clauses. For further details, please visit our website at & encourage everyone to take up training at



Sources: MARAD; IAM

GSA Announces Transformation of Multiple Awards Schedules

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced it will modernize federal acquisition by consolidating the agency’s 24 Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) into one single schedule for products and services.

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IAM Here 2 Help Partners with American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

Through its new charitable organization IAM Here 2 Help, the International Association of Movers (IAM)) has partnered together with ALAN to access the unique capabilities of the moving industry to facilitate relief and recovery to natural disasters like the Camp Fire. Please visit the below website to see how you can help:

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Typhoon Yutu Relief: IAM Here 2 Help in Action

Thank you to IAM Member Cargo Express (Saipan), Inc. for transporting 18 pallets of hygiene kits to a hospital on Saipan on behalf of Americares following the devastation of Typhoon Yutu last month.

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