COVID-19 (Coronavirus) News and Updates

  • Xingang Port Lockdown

    Sep 28, 2022 — Update from Asian Tigers China: Xingang Port in mainland China has been placed into a COVID outbreak related lockdown effective immediately. This affects all shipments to and from Beijing and Tianjin. This lockdown will continue through the upcoming National Day holidays 1st – 10th October. We do not have any further official/government information on when lockdown may be lifted and service resumes. Furthermore, lack of port processing will cause a back-log which may take weeks to resolve.

  • France Eases the Lockdown

    — As government instructions that restricted moves to exceptional cases expires on May 11, the French moving associations and Unions have published an industry directive for professional moving companies to return to work after that date.
  • Italy introduces obligatory paperwork in response to COVID-19

    — According to a decree adopted on March 9th by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte restricting the ability to move across the country affected by COVID-19, freight is considered an economically viable activity and drivers are allowed to enter, exit and move goods in the designated quarantine areas for the purpose of transporting, loading and unloading of goods.