TRANSCOM Industry Call (2 Feb)

February 08, 2023

Attached are slides and notes from the Groundhog Day TRANSCOM call with the industry and Services.  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM.  

Industry was provided updates on BVS 2.0; a potential new timeline for GHC implementation; the PPF and other details of note.

The information from the third attachment (BVS Mechanics) was provided on the call today and referenced in my notes under the paragraph heading “BVS 2.0 Update.”  The slide referenced in my notes is slide number 9.  The notes discussion in that BVS 2.0 Update paragraph all refer to slide 9.   The other slides in this deck show updates to specific items in the modified BVS 2.0.

Once the PPF location is confirmed (Potentially Four Points Sheraton) IAM will look to arrange a pre-PPF meeting the evening before the PPF.