Two TRANSCOM/Industry Calls: 8 Dec

December 09, 2022

There were two TRANSCOM calls for 8 Dec.  A morning call: the non-peak season call.  And an afternoon call: the TRANSCOM/Service/Industry call.  We continue to have trouble getting slides for these calls. TRANSCOM has some broader issues sending these slides out without their email being rejected by DoD servers. 


I did eventually get slides from this afternoon’s call.  They go along with the “TRANSCOM_Industry Call” document.  What is missing from the afternoon call is a separate set of slides that attempted to break down data elements of the BVS 2.0 effort. We’ve been promised those slides by TRANSCOM, but they have yet to make it to me.


The other set of missing slides are from this Morning’s call, the “Non-Peak Call.”