DoD Lithium Battery Policy Survey

July 26, 2022

At the request of TRANSCOM to get a broader moving industry perspective on the implementation of TRANSCOM’s policy on moving used lithium batteries or lithium batteries as a part of equipment within a household goods shipment, IAM put out a survey on the topic.  The survey sought to gain perspective from IAM members and non-members involved in DoD’s personal property program.  The survey asks if companies are aware of the DoD policy; do companies already move these kinds of items; do companies have trained staff in this area; and are companies prepared to implement the policy?  The results are probably not surprising to you.  IAM continues to work with DoD and government shippers to try and establish a workable policy in a workable timeframe. And we are engaging with Department of Transportation Hazmat trainers; as well as commercial hazmat training providers, to help share information with our membership in anticipation of further updates to the inclusion of customer lithium batteries/products in personal property shipments.  


We plan to have expert content on shipping lithium batteries as part of our IAM Annual Meeting agenda.  And we’ve invited DOT’s Hazmat training expert to participate in a webcast on IAM Learning on 25 August at 1pm ET. Register for that special session now.  Stay tuned to this important topic via IAM’s Facebook page, LinkedIn, the eGov newsletter, and IAM news feeds.