USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement Call (24 May); And Two REAL ID Updates from HQ Marine Corps

May 26, 2022

Please see attached notes and slides from today’s (24 May) USTC/Service/JPPSO/Industry call.  Be sure to check out some highlights in the notes on:

  • OCONUS Fuel Surcharge…DoD has decided not to implement anything new at this time; but will continue to  monitor the situation.
  • Problems with filing financials in DPS. What was said is: “We are asking everyone to get a help desk ticket when having trouble submitting financials. As long as TSPs submit the help desk ticket, and have evidence of it, that they were prepared to submit on time, then there will be no punitive action.”

Other relevant DoD notes, not from the call:    

Also, IAM received a heads-up from CMSA, and confirmed it with Marine Corps headquarters, that Twenty-nine Palms is going to REAL ID.  If you don’t have REAL ID, can still get on base but must have a Federal Limit Apply (FLA) ID and two other forms of ID a SSN card and/or birth certificate or passport.


Also, as an update on Quantico from the Marines with regard to REAL ID, I received the following today:


This information came directly from the Director of the Visitor Control Center at Quantico.  The Real ID isn’t a show-stopper but they must meet the other requirements for identification to gain access.  Hopefully we can get this word out to anyone servicing Quantico.

"For Identification purposes only, if individuals do not have a Real ID we can accept any form of ID listed below. 
- United States Passport
- Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)
- Foreign Passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (I-551) printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa
- An employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)
- Current/Valid Driver’s License (cannot say “Federal Limits Apply” or “Not for Federal use”)
- Identification card issued by Federal, State or local Government Agencies
- U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Legacy Cards
- U.S. Coast Guard New Merchant Mariner Credential
- Approved Department of Defense (DoD) Privilege Card Holder

There are also a combination of documents that can be utilized if none of the above are available: including SSN and birth certificate (original or certified true copy bearing a raised seal). 

Historically, we do deny a number of movers (TSP's) from coming onto the installation as they fail to carry either their EAD or green cards (Federal requirement to do so), or the only ID they have is a driver's license. 

We deny others for failure to meet minimum screening requirements as they have deniable criteria within their background history.  All personnel will be screened after completing the SecNav Form 5512-1.  If they have any of the denial criteria listed within MCO 5530.13, enclosure 2, page 1-18 they will not be allowed access to the installation.  Where a waiver process does exist, it takes time and is not immediate. " 


And finally, for those who want to track the fuel surcharge information, the following site (sent to me by DAYCOS) shows the history of the fuel surcharge rate by month going back to March of 2015.