Quantico & Camp Lejeune Update Installation Access Requirements to include REAL ID Use

May 02, 2022

After receiving a heads up from National VL, IAM engaged Marine Corps HQ representatives about apparent changes to installation access requirements at Quantico Marine Corps Base. We’ve heard back from the Marines that both Quantico and Camp Lejeune have already implemented the requirement to use the REAL ID driver’s license for installation access.  The Marines provided the below information to our inquiry, which includes a link from Quantico to help those seeking access to better understand what is required if you don’t have a REAL ID yet. 



Confirmed that Quantico has moved to the REAL ID already and Camp Lejeune
has done the same.  The DMO at Quantico is going to discuss some options with
the Visitor Control Center (VCC) Director later on the week when he gets (VCC
Dir) gets back in the office.

  Below is the link to provide to any TSPs or Agents that service Quantico so
they can better understand what is required to access the installation.



(see this link for specific commercial vehicle driver portion of the Quantico website: https://www.quantico.marines.mil/Info/Base-Access/Commercial-Vehicle-Driver/.)