USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement Call (15 Mar)

March 16, 2022

Please see attached notes from today’s (15 Mar) USTC/Service/JPPSO/Industry call.  DoD was not able to make the slides available to me today due to some email issues and the slides being stripped when they were sent out.  If I get the slides in the near future, I’ll resend this update with the slides.

Of note on the call:

  • There is new functionality being released in DPS this weekend that will require TSPs to select “yes” or “no” to whether or not you use a move management company and a claims management company.  If yes, then you need to go to a drop down and select the appropriate company.  TRANSCOM passed out the video in mid-February to NDTA reps, who forwarded it to IAM. Watch the video. I put it out via this weekly correspondence back in mid-February; and we included it in our eGov. But wanted to provide it again since the change is imminent. You can read about the back and forth on the topic in the notes.  TRANSCOM, for some reason, never provided it directly to all of industry.