USTRANSCOM Conditions-Based Movement Call (18 Jan)

January 19, 2022

Please see attached notes and slides from the 18 Jan USTC/Services/JPPSO/Industry call.  Of special interest from the call:


  • USTRANSCOM will update the business rule associated with a TSP only being able to invoice for 110% of a customer’s entitled weight if the weight is over the entitlement and a reweigh is not performed. Read the notes for details.
  • I asked USTC whether the new customs ISF 10+2 process where the TSP must use their information and Tax ID (EIN) instead of the member’s social security number when providing data to Customs for inbound shipments to the US. We had expected an advisory to be released last week on the process, but to date it has not been sent to industry. I was told by USTC that TSPs should be using this new 10+2 process for Customs; and they would check on the status of the advisory.
  • Please see notes about the new DPS Claims Module coming out this weekend and the TSP Guide associated with the new module. I’ve attached the new Guide (sent by Kevin Meyers…the NDTA HHG Subcommittee chair). This guide will be in DPS when the new module is released.
  • Also…I’ve been participating in a DoD call on shipping of lithium batteries in household goods. The effort continues, but there is a short update in the notes.  On the lithium battery notes, I also referenced a lithium battery guide I was sent by FMCSA. It’s a good tool for determining when lithium batteries require additional packing/labeling/hazardous declarations based on what you are shipping, if you want to start reading up.  But it isn’t necessarily the DoD solution at this point, but will likely (hopefully) be used heavily by DoD when establishing their policy.