Modernized DPS Claims Module Q&A With USTRANSCOM

January 10, 2022

Based on notification from USTRANSCOM that they are releasing a modernized claims module in DPS on 21 January, IAM’s Claims Committee (IAM CC) presented a series of questions to USTRANSCOM’s DPS Branch Chief.  Below are the questions and USTRANSCOM’s responses:


DPS Branch: We’re all very excited about the upcoming release of the modernized claims module, so I appreciate the questions and interest from industry.  I really think this major enhancement is going to be a win for all Stakeholder.  Here are the answers to the committee members questions:


  • IAM CC: Will there be an additional testing session with Stakeholders prior to release?
    • DPS Branch: No, we will not have an additional testing session with external Stakeholders prior to the release of the modernized claims module.  We did have an internal testing event with J9 members to ensure all the discrepancies noted during the MVP testing with external Stakeholders on 19 Aug 2021 were resolved.   However, we will conduct another testing event once the developers complete coding efforts for non-MVP items.  Once the timeline is confirmed, our team will engage with all Stakeholders.


  • IAM CC: Are there slides, or user guides available for Members, TSPs, and MCOs that can be provided in advance of the release for training purposes?
    • DPS Branch: Yes, there are user guides for the DoD customers, TSPs, and MCOs which are under review.  We plan to release them on or about 14 Jan.


  • IAM CC: Can access to the test environment be made available to EDC to ensure that there is a more seamless transition and avoid any increases in claims processing times?
    • DPS Branch: The test environment can only be made available if accounts are established and shipments are loaded against those accounts (in other words another testing event).  Given the short timeline for the release, this will not be feasible.   The overall claims processes will remain the same.  The modernized claims module is intended to be more intuitive and easier to use.  I think we will address a lot of their questions and concerns once the user guides are released within the next week. 


  • IAM CC: If the system does not function as expected, is there a roll back option?  If so will the data in the new program be migrated to the legacy program?
    • DPS Branch: Yes, there is a rollback option if we experience system glitches which impact the claims process.  All claims modernization efforts are being coded with a feature flag which means we can adjust the coding on and off.  While we don’t anticipate any disruptions during the transition, the team is prepared to address performance issues. The new data will be available in both modern and legacy, because this is something we tested and confirmed. 


  • IAM CC: If it all breaks, what is the TSP work around remedy to receive and process claims from customers?
    • DPS Branch: If the modernized claims module experiences instability, we will revert back to the legacy module since we built that capability into the coding.  This is not something we expect due to a series of testing events, however we do acknowledge some functional releases have taken one or two weeks to reach optimal performance.  The developers will have all hands on deck when we go live, so we can quickly respond to any potential issues/concerns from the Enterprise.