USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Season Call (6 Jan)

January 06, 2022

Please see attached slides and notes from today’s (6 Jan) Non-Peak Season call.  One of the issues raised during the call was the issue with the Rates TSP Analytics functionality in DPS. USTC mentioned they had previously put out guidance for a work-around to this DPS functionality that is currently not working.  As a reminder, USTC sent the below explanation on the work-around:

During the morning Non Peak Call, DPMO stated we would send out an email to TSPs and rate filers reiterating the work-around steps for Rates TSP Analytics in preparation for the 2022 Rate Filing Event. 

Below are the steps: 

  1. Login to DPS
    2. Click on Analytics
    3. Paste this URL into the address bar:
    4. Hit Go

This should sign you into an Analytics session:  Click Catalog -> Shared Folders -> DPS -> Dashboards -> DPS Rates TSP -> Open

Report DPS technical issues (i.e., accessing DPS, uploading rate files, etc.) to the Systems Response Center (SRC):


Telephone:  Toll free (800) 462-2176; Commercial (618) 577-0969, Option 2




There was also much discussion on industry costs…capacity projections for the upcoming year…comments from the JPPSOs on whether DoD has done enough to manage expectations and questions as to whether more demand smoothing is warranted this year over even last year, etc.  And a call for USTC to consider the huge increases in costs and inflation when they set their rate reasonableness ranges during rate filing.