DAB Digest Lead-in Dec. 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

By Dan Bradley

The U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Mover Management Board (DMB) is energized and moving out after formation of the second-ever DMB. Beside this newsletter, which is the second under the guidance of this new board, the DMB Chair (Chris Lantz, Bekins Moving Solutions) and Vice Chair (Lakelan Fennell, Nilson Van & Storage) have also participated in a podcast, held their monthly board meeting, and organized a DAB-focused webcast.  All since the beginning of November.


During the DAB Management Board meeting, several task forces were proposed, and are starting to be populated with members who will continue to drive the DAB effort forward with new initiatives.  Additionally, the DMB Chair, Chris Lantz, participated in IAM’s in-person Executive Committee meeting near Washington D.C. as a first-time member of the Executive Committee. The IAM Executive Committee is the highest governing committee in IAM’s volunteer structure; and IAM Governing Members, by vote at the IAM Annual Meeting in October, approved the DMB Chair as a full voting member of the Executive Committee.  This gives U.S. asset-based movers a direct voice in the governance and leadership at the highest level of IAM.  That’s no small feat in such a short time, and speaks to the impact this group has had in establishing their worth to the overall leadership of IAM.


The first DMB set a great course for the DAB effort in IAM, and this next iteration of the board is off and running with new ideas, new initiatives, and some new blood.  If you’d like to hear more about the U.S. DAB, their efforts, and how you can get more involved, contact membership@iamovers.org and they can connect to you any number of leaders in the DAB Management Board.  The DAB Mover Group in IAM is now over 90 companies strong and growing. It’s the fastest growing segment in IAM. We hope to hear from you soon.