USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (26 Oct)

October 26, 2021

Please see attached notes and slides from today’s (26 Oct) USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call.   A couple of items of interest to note:


  1. Col Safranek, the USTC DP3 Director, has stated that the use of “act of God” as a reason for denying an inconvenience claim will not be tolerated. He stated he’ll give industry until next Friday (5 Nov) to remove current denials of claims based on act of God, and after that will suspend TSPs for denying an inconvenience claim based on the justification of an act of God. He sees missed RDDs as being caused by business decisions, not because of the overall supply chain crisis that the world is currently facing.
  2. USTRANSCOM is continuing to work the policy update on lithium batteries being shipped in household goods; and once they’ve worked with the appropriate agencies in DoD and USTRANSCOM J5/4, they will inform industry.