USTRANSCOM Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF) 15-16 Sep; Session Notes

September 17, 2021

USTRANSCOM hosted a two-day Fall Personal Property Forum attended by industry, the USTRANSCOM Staff, Service Headquarters representatives and various Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) and Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) representatives.  USTRANSCOM presented information contained in each of the slide decks included in this update.  There were a broad number of topics covered over the two days.  Very little was definitively decided in terms of which of the proposed 2022 business rules would be implemented.  USTRANSCOM stated work was still underway with the Services to determine what to implement, and under what timeline.


The new Defense Personal Property Management Office (DPMO) Director, Col Joel Safranek, participated in the calls both days. Col Safranek, an Air Force Brigadier General select, replaces Rick Marsh as the Director.  Other than opening and closing statements and a handful of comments, Col Safranek was largely in listen mode (as you would expect being on the job for about two weeks); but chimed in time to time on philosophical inputs as to where he thought DoD should focus their attention. 


Generally, the sessions are a useful broad overview of where DP3 is, and may be headed; but where the program will focus its attention, in terms of new business rules, was not made clear.