IAM-YP Spotlight: Vivek Pawar Making a Difference in the World

September 01, 2021

When IAM-YP Member Vivek Pawar, with Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons WLL—Alghanim Freight, learned about India's COVID crisis, he couldn't just sit back and do nothing. He was working in Kuwait when he learned about the COVID crisis India was going through, and he immediately sprang into action. Pawar worked to conquer a mountain of challenges to save lives and present an exemplary example of humanity for us all.

Pawar contacted the local IIT IIM Alumni Association to secure oxygen supply from Airtec (Linde JV) Company. He resolved the issue of securing funds through a COVID relief fund based in Dubai, which had been started by NITIE MBA junior, Sandeep Nailwal. With the help of the Indian embassy team in Kuwait, he then arranged for complete logistics of secured oxygen relief material to India. With the help of government agencies, the Indian Embassy, and the Indian Army, a sophisticated logistics arrangement was developed to carry the cylinders from Kuwait to India in bulk.

Navy ships ensured fastest delivery to Indian shores and the quickest deployment from there. With this model, Pawar was successfully able to deploy 9,000 oxygen cylinders, along with approximately 300 MT of liquid oxygen worth almost $2.5 million using tankers, in 15 days.

Due to his strong IAM experience, Pawar was able to arrange cost-effective logistics solutions for airlifting oxygen generation plants from China and Europe, and had them installed in multiple hospitals across India. This solution not only provided COVID relief, but also enhanced the long-term oxygen generation capacity of the country. Pawar’s operation also facilitated deliveries of sophisticated equipment such ventilators and bipaps from Germany, Israel, and other countries.

After overcoming the logistical challenges of bringing needed equipment and resources to India, Pawar subsequently joined the core team of cryptorelief.in, a billion-dollar cryptocurrency fund that has delivered millions of dollars in relief across the country. See the impact this fund has made!