FINAL USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (26 Aug) of the Season

August 26, 2021

Notes and slides from today’s (26 Aug) Peak Season Call are attached.  This is the final Peak Season call of the year. USTRANSCOM will transition to a once per month Non-Peak Season call starting on or about 14 October. Although many of the same themes of the summer were passed along by the Service representatives on the call, most did take a second to offer their appreciation to industry for supporting the members during a very rough summer season; characterized by some on the DoD side as the worst they had experienced.  Capacity, and the lack thereof was the main point, and industry reps passed along they wouldn’t be surprised to see labor as a limiting factor for the rest of the year, and into next peak season. It was also stated that the DoD’s business rules over the past few years, and the draft rules for 2022 have, and will continue to contribute to these capacity challenges.