USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (17 Jun)

June 18, 2021

As you  might imagine, the DoD Peak Season calls are getting more and more spirited. See slides and notes for details. Plenty of frustration on the DoD side with their inability to get shipments serviced.  JPPSOs are getting a lot of frustrated customers and their leadership calling about not getting their shipments booked.  JPPSOs were critical of USTRANSCOM and their assertion they have not done a good job on expectation management with customers throughout the DoD, when industry and JPPSOs have been telling USTC that capacity was/is going to be an issue. Services have been asking USTC for top cover…let people know why shipments aren’t being covered, and that it isn’t that individual JPPSOs aren’t doing their job. USTC is asking industry for solutions. Industry reps are trying to articulate that it’s time for DoD to start pushing moves to the right, outside of July, so that commercial moves don’t steal DoD capacity for these shipments that will inevitably get pushed outside of June/July; because non-government customers are already being pushed to August and beyond, and those shipments are already stealing industry capacity from what might’ve been available to DoD in August.