Commercial Driver Legislation Introduced

April 21, 2021

Two bills impacting the domestic transportation industry have recently been reintroduced. Yesterday, Rep. Chuy Garcia (D-IL) formally reintroduced legislation that would increase a motor carrier's minimum insurance levels from the current level of $750,000. While the bill text is still not available, the Congressman has indicated that increase will be based largely and tied into medical-cost inflation. IAM will review the legislative text once it has been posted.


IAM has joined other transportation-focused industries in support of the DRIVE-Safe Act, recently reintroduced legislation that would permit 18-21 year olds to operate throughout interstate commerce channels. 


The bill establishes detailed safety training and apprenticeship requirements for these drivers, many of which are already permitted to operate commercial vehicles in an intrastate capacity. The DRIVE-Safe Act would assist in addressing CDL driver shortage issues, and require an additional 400 hours of behind the wheel training as part of the outlined apprenticeship. The bill sponsors are seeking its inclusion as part of a future highway reauthorization bill, or broader infrastructure package.