6 April Conditions Based Movement Call (USTC J9)

April 07, 2021

Today’s USTC J9 Condition’s Based Movement call was the first in two weeks due to last week’s Personal Property Forum (PPF). 

One update from the PPF on a question IAM asked for clarification dealing with deliveries out of Storage In-Transit (SIT) and when inconvenience claims would start under the scenario where the request for delivery was made outside the 7 Government Business Day (GBD) window.  In that scenario, the requirement is to deliver within 2 GBDs.  We asked USTC if the date of the request was included as one of the two GBDs?  The answer provided during the PPF was that it was.  In their interpretation at the PPF, if the member requests delivery on 1 June, and it’s outside the 7 GBD window, then the shipment must be delivered on 1 or 2 June to avoid an inconvenience claim.  IAM challenged that assertion after the PPF, and today, USTC concurred with our assessment that the words in the rules suggest that the requirement is 2 GBDs “from” the requested date.  Therefore, in the above scenario, if a member requests delivery outside 7 GBDs, as an example on 1 June.  Two GBDs from that date is 3 June.  USTC concurred with that interpretation.

A review of read-aheads showed:

  • We are on week 15.
  • Ahead of 2020 pickups by about 9,400 shipments.
  • Future weeks are significantly ahead of last year as well.

MAJ Smith, USTC J9 Operations:

  • 27 LOWs for Covid related issues; no letters of suspension for COVID.
  • Top 10 infractions…reweighs and reweigh refunds still top the list and continue to grow; as a reminder, MAJ Smith stated they are looking at the TSPs who are the top offenders and are issuing letters of non-use for those TSPs

Scott Matthews, USTC J9 Storage Management Office (SMO):

  • SMO still going through Non Temp Storage (NTS) Tender of Service (TOS) comment matrices received from industry and Services.
  • Will work with Services to ensure alignment before updating the final NTS TOS; all proposed changes will flow through Rick Marsh for approval before release.
  • Targeting second week in June for a NTS workshop. Focused on internal government for first two days. Potentially invite industry on day 3 (10 Jun); some targeted topics include conversions; right of first refusal for delivery out of NTS; and more topics as time goes by. 

Danny Martinez, USTC J9 Systems Division:

  • Thanks for participation in PPF; acknowledge and appreciate people’s comments on the DPS outage that happened during the PPF; thanks for highlighting those issues to us via help desk tickets.
  • NTS TSPs… there was an update made to TOPS module and it’s now compatible with multiple browsers. So Service JPPSOs can access TOPS via multiple different browsers.
  • Future planned work for DPS…will continue with regular release cadence on Friday night; will continue improvements to PPPO and PPSO queues and invoice queues for PPSOs.
  • Continuing work on capturing DOD ID numbers instead of SSN for international shipments.
  • Continue updating PPCIG and customer facing areas of our website.

Air Force Personal Property Activity (PPA)

  • PPA noting a significant increase in number of blackouts at the end of April; and Joint Base Lewis-McChord receiving significant Code 2 blackouts in their Area of Responsibility (AOR); most of what PPA is seeing is occurring in the Northwest and some in the Midwest. No additional comments from the other Services on this point.
  • To the PPA point on high level of blackouts, SIRVA stated they believe it’s likely due to West Coast congestion issues along with the continued significant trend of people in the residential market moving out of the West to other areas of the country.


No updates of issues or messages provided by any of the other Services.

Question on Trends from weeks one through 15…10K shipments ahead…regularly exceeding the three-year average…is that an anomaly, demand smoothing, other?  Answer from DoD…no pent-up demand…USMC says trending around normal volume in 2019.  Per AF…no pent-up demand; seeing an increase early on that is probably due to demand smoothing and work with Personnel Community to get people moving early.  Navy: no pent-up demand sitting around from last year waiting to go. Increase could be multiple things…demand smoothing and people moving before peak demand.

Raised the concern that apparently JPPSO-HI was telling agents that they could not call the member to see how the shipment was going, because that was considered a survey.  Followed up with USTC J9 asking them to engage with that JPPSO, because the TOS was clear on the topic of not surveying customers…but that effective shipment management was allowed.  Per chapter 20, para e. in the TOS it states that:

“I should engage customers at each stage of the move to ensure a quality move. Nothing in this paragraph should be construed as limiting my ability to properly engage the customer and perform effective shipment management.”