USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (16 Mar)

March 18, 2021

The readahead slides for this call were once again “fairly” consistent with previous weeks.  Health Protection Protocols bumped up a bit.  And reweigh compliance is still a large non-compliance issue. 


Other Notes from the Call:


  • MAJ Smith noted that the J9 staff is analyzing reweigh data and other performance data; and looking at TSPs with three or more compliance issues and suspending or putting TSPs in non-use.
  • As has been stated numerous times previously, the release of the Spread Date advisory is “imminent”
  • J9 held two days of Non-Temp Storage briefings on updates to the NTS Tender of Service; Industry comments on the NTS TOS are due by 26 Mar.
  • Danny Martinez was introduced as the new J9 Systems Division Chief. He will be responsible for the DPS Branch and MilMove Branch; and these branches continue to build their manpower.  This is a promotion for Danny to GS-15; which is the highest civilian grade until you reach the Senior Executive Service (SES) grade…like Rick Marsh.
  • Navy mentioned they are seeing that there are a lot of direct deliveries where industry is putting a note in DPS remarks stating when the shipment was delivered; but then not “delivering” the shipment in DPS.  Delivering the shipment in DPS must be completed or the member can’t do a number of other things…complete the CSS, file a claim, etc. 
  • The Special Solicitation Traffic Distribution List Advisory for 2021 Rate Cycle was released; of note, it allows the service member to select a preferred TSP from those who competed in that SS channel.
  • “Third Party Declaration” Advisory was released along with a quick reference guide.