USTC J9 Non-Peak Call (11 Mar)

March 15, 2021

USTC’s Non-Peak call for 11 Mar was kicked off by COL Gipson reinforcing that COVID-19 Health Protocols are still in place and DoD will continue to focus on them.


Other Notes from the call:


  • The last non-peak call will be the second Thursday of April. The peak season calls will go from 15 Apr to 26 Aug.
  • AF Personal Property Activity still focused on reweighs; they mentioned there is a continued pattern of anywhere from 50-30% not being completed. They have not specifically looked at reweigh percentages based on international or domestic shipments.  Stated their data shows that for the last 5 years about 53% of  reweighs come in below the original weight; which to them means that the AF is overpaying on 53% of their shipments if they didn’t do reweighs.
  • JPPSO-SC stated they can look at their reweigh data and explore the question about whether reweigh failures are more on the international or domestic side, but that they do know that international owes a lot more money in terms of reweigh refunds right now over domestic.
  • JPPSO-SC also stated that over the past 6 years, industry is approximately $1 million per year “out of tolerance” on reweigh reductions in their JPPSO; in other words, the reweighs result in an adjustment of weight that results in a savings of $1 million on their shipments.
  • J9 Systems mentioned that the manual booking process is fixed this year for JPPSOs. Said a JPPSO can set parameters for how long/how many rounds of refusals and once met, the manual booking process will  initiate.  When asked if that means refusals will be allowed this year, J9 stated they were still considering it and it had not yet been determined; and J9 was confident refusal guidance would be out within a week.
  • Army mentioned they are working to get percentage of QA inspections up on destination shipments; and need industry to put some priority on updating DPS timely so QA inspectors know when deliveries are happening so they can get QAs out to those shipments.
  • J9 mentioned that due to the 24-hour  notice rules for shipment delivery, they’ve removed the 2or 3 hour waiting time mentions from the Defense Transportation Regulations.
  • AF stated they are hearing cases where a member is getting multiple calls from different people to talk to them about the same shipment detail; and while they appreciate increased communication to the member, industry is causing confusion in this case because the member then doesn’t know who to talk to about the issue; and they asked industry to focus on using the single point of contact to the member to pass information.
  • J9 mentioned that the SIT discount is now posted on the GBL for domestic shipments.
  • J9 stated the spread date advisory is due out very soon; and that customer spread date marketing material is being worked.
  • A good conversation ensued on conversions to members expense out of storage. J9 Storage Management Office acknowledged industry’s frustration and stated it is on their list to work on, but due to the NTS TOS and containerization effort, and NTS contract efforts, it is a little lower on their list right now, but they will get to it. Industry asked DoD to institute a more standardized 30 day notice to members that their shipments are converting because some JPPSOs have told industry they don’t do 30-day notices; and AF says they do 90 and 60 day notices.