USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (23 Feb)

February 24, 2021

The Readahead slides on today’s DoD call were covered quickly with little new information noted. The number of reweigh violations was noted again, and industry was asked to focus their attention on reweigh requirements. 

Notes from the call:

  • The round 2 rate rejection notification will come out 24 February. Approved rates will be available for download on 24 February as well.  TSPs will be able to see their ranking by 4 March.
  • Domestic transit times are reverting back to pre-COVID levels for shipments routed after 26 Feb, per previous advisory on the subject.
  • The Storage Management Office (SMO) sent meeting invites to NTS providers last Friday for meetings either on the 15th or 17th of March…depending on your region.  The purpose is to discuss new NTS tender of service changes.  If you’re an NTS provider, and someone in your company hasn’t received an invite, please contact your regional SMO representative to coordinate your invite.
  • The DPS URL will change on 26 Feb. Make sure you capture the new URL and load it into your system browser cache.  The old URL will push you to the new one for a bit, but eventually will go away altogether. 
  • The Air Force will release their special interest items this week, by Friday.

The J9 Director concluded the meeting stating he and the staff were posturing for the upcoming moving season, and he hoped industry was doing the same. He said there are stories coming in and its very clear when reading correspondence from Congress or the Inspector General that there are still cases where customers are not being treated with respect; and that he realizes it might be 4% of the problem, but that 4% it appears went really, really wrong, and we have to continue to work our bed side manner with every interaction with the customer and their things/real property.   He said he knows most do the right thing, but need to continue to stress improvement across the board.