USTC J9 Non-Peak Season Call (11 Feb)

February 12, 2021

The DP3 non-peak call covered slides for Week 7 of the year. There were only a handful of items to note from the slides themselves.


  • Slide 2 shows the 2021 Rate Season TDL will go live 8 March. TSPs should have access to the TDL right before 8 March, consistent with previous years.
  • Slide 3 shows that shipments are at about “normal” for the three-year average.
  • Slide 9 shows Code 2 remaining above the 3-year average; and this should continue to stay above the average as DoD continues to desire more Code 2 shipments in the program over Code D.
  • Slide 15 Demand Model now includes DPM and NTS shipment data.


Notes from the call:


  • COL Gipson: Remain vigilant on COVID and health protection protocols. Those requirements aren’t going anywhere in the near future.
  • J9 Ops Lead discussed new Spread Date rules starting 15 May and how blackout dates would work within these rules. This was a significant discussion, covering a number of questions and answers.  A spread date advisory is due out soon, which is intended to clear up any confusion over the rules.
  • A question was asked based on the requested pickup date and a window of 7 days following that date, would industry be “required” to packout a member over a weekend, if the agreed pickup date was a Monday?  The answer was, the rules on that are no different than previous years. Saturday or Sunday work, if agreed to between the member and TSP could happen, but was not required to happen.  And any agreement between the member and mover to work weekends or holidays, without prior PPSO approval, would NOT result in overtime.
  • Essentially, from the call, J9 stated the rules for blackouts, and when you might still receive a shipment, are no different under the Spread Date policy, than they’ve been in previous years…and no new functionality exists within DPS to implement spread dates, so there is no change to how blackouts would work.
  • When asked, J9 mentioned that the 7-day spread consisted of calendar days, not government business days. 
  • J9 stated the member must be available for pickup within the spread; and it was a Service responsibility to make sure the member knows that.
  • A question was raised that if the TSP and member could not come to an agreement in the 7-day window, contact PPSO for adjudication. if the shipment is pulled back, the TSP would still receive their allotted shipment.
  • They key item on spread date and blackout rules is, there have been no system changes to implement this rule. Everything is applied in the system in terms of blackout dates and shipment awards the way it worked previously.
  • J9 stated they are looking at creating a requirement for an email or text confirmation on the pickup date so the member/PPSO/TSP have confirmation on what was agreed to at the time of agreement.  But that requirement is not finalized. 
  • USMC reinforced that once an agreed upon pickup date is established, the customer is making plans based on that confirmed date; and later attempts by the TSP to alter those dates are not looked upon favorably.

J9 is working advisories on messaging for PPSOs, customers and TSPs on spread dates; industry should be able to see what is provided to DoD so we are aware of the messaging.