USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (9 Feb)

February 10, 2021

The readaheads for the 9 Feb Conditions-Based Movement call with DoD and Industry were covered by USTC J9.  No major issues identified in the slides.


Notes from the call:


  • J9 Operations reported that they are still reviewing questions posed by industry last week with regard to the new Spread Date policy and how blackouts will with that policy. They intend to publish an advisory on the topic this week.
  • J9 Storage Management Office (SMO) discussed their efforts to update the Non-Temp Storage (NTS) Tender of Service (TOS). Previously SMO had discussed adding new requirements to the NTS TOS, reviewing those with industry around 24 February and then implementing them 1 May. Today SMO mentioned they are progressing with their effort on adding rules, but are going to take some time to review the “old” (current) rules before moving forward with new TOS rules. They’ll now look to provide feedback on their new rules toward the end of March, and implement an updated NTS TOS 1 June. 
  • J9 SMO also updated the status of NTS inspections. They have received info on 394 inspections. The largest trend so far is with structural issues…holes in walls, firewalls removed. Only one report of mold issues. Still gathering data. 
  • J9 Systems stated they have approved 3,400 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accounts and have no more requests.  Per last call discussion concerns with the use of Internet Explorer internet browser for DPS access, J9 asked that if TSPs were trying to use a different browser and had trouble getting into DPS, please contact the Help Desk and let them know which browser you are using.  Additionally, the DPS URL is switching to a new URL 26 February.  There will be a reminder in and an advisory published soon.
  • J9 Systems also discussed testing new development of claims module; producing a minimally viable product to begin testing soon. More to follow on this topic as I learn about it.
  • The Service representatives had no issues or concerns to raise today.  AF Personal Property Activity did ask whether industry continued to see congestion and delay issues at LA/LB port. IAM responded in the affirmative with details on delays, chassis concerns, COVID outbreaks on vessels, and significant vessels awaiting berth. We also followed up after the meeting with additional reports on congestion details directly to J9 leadership and JPPSO and Service representatives. The J9 Director stated their analysis suggest delays through LA/LB are 7-10 days, and USTC, in recognition of these delays, has sustained the post-COVID international transit times through the fiscal year; combined with the idea that the adjusted transit times have provided up to 12 additional transit days from pre-COVID transit times, J9 does not anticipate any approvals for requests for RDD extensions or appeals to waive inconvenience claims; and any such requests would be funneled to him for approval.
  • IAM later received an email from the J9 Director, reinforcing that they appreciate the updates on port congestion we’ve provided periodically, but beyond some one-for-one extensions to RDDs for specific COVID impacted vessels for each day they are late to the port, he reinforced he would not expect any other RDD extension approvals or approval of inconvenience claim appeals. What he asked for was IAM’s continued focus to our members on meeting the RDD on the Bill of Lading.
  • AF PPA stated their annual list of Special Interest Items that they report out to industry is due to come out next week.