USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call ( 26 Jan)

January 27, 2021

USTRANSCOM covered the readaheads per usual. No major changes in data noted. Per request of the Air Force, J9 is looking at adding Non-Temp Storage (NTS) and Direct Procurement Method (DPM) shipment totals to slide one; but they are trying to clean up that data first.  They stated it appears right now that as an average, NTS and DPM represent about 85 shipments per week; but the flow of those shipments is obviously not smoothed out over the whole year.


  • J9 Ops stated that the Inconvenience Claim Form and Real Property Damage Forms are posted on
  • J9 stated round one of rate filing went well.
  • J9 Systems Branch referred to Advisory #21-0006B. I did not receive this advisory via email and it is not posted on I asked J9 to post it. As quoted from the advisory: TSPs must ensure their account information is complete and up-to-date with current contact information. Specific account questions can be directed to the Systems Response Center via 1-800-462-2176 or via e-mail  And: As previously communicated, the DPS Program continues to prepare for enforcement of RPA policies on 1 February 2021. Please ensure all RPA account requests are submitted before this date.
  • Air Force Personal Property Activity (PPA) thanked industry for the attention to health protocols that led to no Letters of Suspension for health protocols for last week. And asked for continued diligence on that front as there were a handful of letters of warning for mask and certification violations.  AF also asked for increased diligence on sharing information with customers about their shipments and updating DPS. They asked industry to focus on updating DPS immediately once a date for a direct delivery was set, so they could get QA out to the delivery, which can help both the member and industry.
  • When asked about NTS inspections that J9 previously reported were underway, the Storage Management Office (SMO) stated they had completed about 75 inspections, but teams are really just now getting rolling; and they don’t yet have enough data to assess how the inspections are going.  They are not sure how many of the 1,194 NTS warehouses they will get to. The SMO figured they’d have enough data in a week or two to provide a “temperature check” on how the inspections are going. These inspections are for NTS warehouses only, not SIT warehouses.  When asked about new approval/pre-award inspections for warehouses, SMO asked TSPs to continue that process as usual; and SMO would get inspectors out for that on a case by case basis.
  • VADM Mewbourne mentioned that about 3-weeks ago, when industry raised the issue of delays at the ports of LA/LB, he went to the steamship lines and asked for their assessment. He said he received mixed responses from similar to what the HHG industry reported to no major impacts. So he asked on the call whether industry was still seeing significant delays at LA/LB. IAM replied that we are hearing of network wide delays frequently; and would get specific input back to VADM Mewbourne on LA/LB specifically.