USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (12 Jan)

January 13, 2021

The 12 Jan USTC call was relatively quick today, with the Services not raising any issues or concerns.  The read-ahead slides are changing slightly. The first slide will transition in a minimal way over the next week or so, but not significantly.  The peak season numbers will once again reflect weeks 20-35 instead of 20-45 like they did for part of 2020.  The three year average information will be included, but not direct information from the preceding year the way 2019 data was reflected in the 2020 slides.  And the new depiction of data on slides 4-6 will continue to be honed over time.


Discussion items:

  • MAJ Smith from J9 Operations acknowledged receipt of the IAM consolidated 2021 business rule questions and stated the staff is working to respond to those questions.  I’ll put the answers we get on those topics out to this group when we receive them.
  • The Storage Management Office (SMO) mentioned they will begin storage warehouse inspections as soon as this week.  And might be able to provide an overall assessment of what they find/ trends within the next two weeks.
  • The SMO also discussed disturbing feedback they’d received off a facebook site “Lost During my PCS” and comments about customer’s furniture and microwaves being used/damaged, etc while it was supposed to be in storage.  The SMO is going to dig into the comments and see if they can identify where these issues might be coming from in terms of what storage warehouses. 
  • The Systems Branch updated that they are working through a number of help desk tickets associated with digital certificates and TEAMS.  They also mentioned that if TSPs have to update or change Trusted Agents they should use the same process that they formally did in ETA (the TEAMS predecessor); essentially, put in a help desk ticket and get assistance. 
  • The International Auto Logistics rep (POV contractor) mentioned to J9 that they continue to see congestion and slow downs through the ports of LA/LB and asked if IAM had heard/seen the same; to which we concurred.
  • Lt Col Ryan, the J9’s Transition Branch Chief, provided an update on a test the DoD was conducting to remove member social security numbers from DoD international HHG shipments.  I won’t get into detail here because if you’re interested in the topic, Lt Col Ryan is our guest on IAM Learning for our monthly Military and Government Webcast.  Lt Col Ryan will discuss this initiative at 1pm EST on 13 Jan. You can see the webcast by logging into IAM Learning and registering for the event, or by using this link to go direct to the webcast at 1pm on the 13th: