USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (22 Dec)

December 22, 2020

This update represents the final J9 call of the year.  The next DoD-Industry call will occur on 5 January.  There is nothing of significance on the read-ahead slides provided.


Highlights from the call:


  • There are 23 TSPs who did not update their CIP and COR by the deadline.  J9 has called and emailed each of them.
  • There are approximately 200 TSPs who have not contacted J9 to clear up potential issues with their ETOSS.  At the beginning of the month, J9 pushed an email to TSP Presidents who potentially had more than one President listed in their ETOSS or who had issues with their Trusted Agent in the ETOSS.  These issues need to be cleaned up in time for J9 to move forward with the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) policy.  J9 will start enforcing that policy 1 Feb.  If you received the ETOSS email from J9, but have not contacted the Help Desk to resolve the issues highlighted, I highly recommend you take care of that soon. The initial deadline has passed.
  • Related to the above bullet, industry reps notified J9 on the call that they were aware of TSPs who fixed or had correct Trusted Agent information in the ETOSS, but had other non-Trusted Agents being sent emails to approve TEAMS certificates.  J9 said if you are aware of issues such as this, please contact the Help Desk.
  • A question about port congestion at LA/LB was asked by AF PPA.  IAM reminded DoD reps that we had sent a link to a recent IAM webcast on Port Congestion to many in DoD; and if others wanted the link, to contact me and I’d send it to them.
  • IAM asked whether J9 had made any decision on Refusal Policy for 2021.  J9 stated they weren’t prepared to answer that question yet.  They were still analyzing 2020 data and would get with the Services once the analysis is complete and discuss Refusals.
  • IAM asked whether J9 was aware if DoD would establish a policy that the COVID vaccine was required of movers prior to allowing them on base, once the vaccine was widely available.  J9 stated they weren’t aware of any consideration like that now; but they can only speculate on future policy at this point. And would do some research and attempt to answer the question more definitively. 
  • IAM asked for USTC consideration to advocate for moving crews to receive some priority for COVID vaccines if USTC had the opportunity to weigh in on the topic.  We have heard some general discussion of truck drivers asking to receive priority for vaccines; and it would make sense for packing/unpacking crews to receive the same consideration.
  • J9 responded to the above by stating they would push that message forward to the USTC Deputy Commander; but more importantly, DoD customers and movers needed to continue to adhere to Health Protection Protocols for the foreseeable future to ensure the safety of customers and crews.
  • IAM heard rumor of a significant push by USTC to conduct NTS warehouse inspections on-site in the new year.  We asked J9 whether there was any truth to the rumor.  J9 confirmed they were aware of some cause for concern over the state of some warehouses, and so intended to do a “blitz” of warehouse inspections in January/February, to ensure standards were being maintained; especially since the onset of COVID had caused a significant reduction in inspections.  Please help get this word out to your network so NTS providers are aware and prepared.


Rick Marsh, USTC PP Director, finished the call saying he was thankful that moves during COVID were not severely impacted in terms of quality as many feared might be the case. He’s thankful for a number of moves where he saw great examples of TSPs pulling what started out as a bad move, out of the fire and really focusing on taking care of the customer.  He stated the focus for 2021 was the customer experience, and working together with industry to continue to improve on customer service and the professional interaction with customers. He said he was grateful for this group’s efforts over the past year. And wished all a Happy Holidays.