USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (15 Dec)

December 16, 2020

The read-ahead slides from the 15 December USTC J9 call with industry and the Services contain very few changes from the last few weeks.  There continue to be letters of suspension issued for Health Protection Protocols.  And despite the good news about vaccinations, VADM Mewbourne (USTC Deputy Commander) stated that in briefings to the Secretary of Defense, the DoD is saying that the darkest days of COVID are still ahead of us.  And COVID related deaths and new COVID cases will continue to rise and likely peak around the end of January, before they start to fall.  Industry is reminded that the protocols are in place for the foreseeable future; so please continue to comply.


  • J9 pushed out advisory 21-0018, Recalculation of CSS Scores for 15 May, that I did not get via email, but I see posted on the site.
  • J9 stated today that there were still 110 TSPs who had not updated their CIP and COR.  Those updates are due by 19 December.
  • J9 was asked when the January performance period TDL will be available.  22 December was passed along after the call as the date it would be available. 
  • J9 mentioned that “they discovered” (or some TSPs and Daycos did) that the 400NG baseline rate spreadsheet for 2021 had some issues with rates.  J9 didn’t say, but it appears the GPA wasn’t properly applied in some cases.  So they took the spreadsheet off last night, and updated it and reloaded it this morning.  If you downloaded the previous version, make sure you go back and download the one that is now on 
  • IAM asked J9 for clarification on the ETOSS email that was sent to TSP presidents and whether J9 would provide clarification on the topic.  COL Gipson stated she is working the issue and would provide clarification.  But that the emails were specifically targeted to TSPs where the J9 staff had identified issues with their ETOSS. 
  • IAM brought up as a follow on to last week’s call, that some TSPs who are trying to reconcile old COVID shipments that will not be moved, but are stuck in DPS, are running into situations where PPSOs don’t know how to clear them out; and when they are transferred to the help desk, they are hearing that the help desk has decided not to work these shipments.  IAM requested J9 provide guidance to PPSOs and the help desk on clearing this shipments out of DPS. 
  • IAM also brought up that we are hearing from TSPs that JPPSO are contacting TSPs to inquire about old claims in an unsettled status.  And these are causing workload issues with TSPs to go back and research these claims, usually to find out that the claim was settled, and the member failed to update DPS that they accepted the settlement.  IAM pointed out that per DTR 401, the PPSO should contact the member to inquire about the claim; and push the member to the MCO if the claim is still outstanding.  J9 said they would look into the issue; but that if the TSP entered the amount paid to the member in DPS claims module, then they would not likely receive a call from the PPSO.