USTC J9 Non-Peak Call (10 Dec)

December 11, 2020

The 10 Dec non-peak season call produced no major insights in terms of the attached slides.  Slide #6 was quickly skipped as it appears to have obvious data problems.  Industry asked J9 to relook at slide 18, Missed RDDs as the numbers don’t appear to add up when you compare the percent of shipments that go into SIT; the overall missed RDD all shipments; and the missed RDDs direct delivery.


The Services had no comments during their portion of the session. 


J9 was asked whether a decision had been made with regard to transitioning transit times back to pre-pandemic levels; or if they would stay the same. J9 responded that they continue to assess “when” they will revert back to the pre-pandemic transit times.    


J9 was asked about what DoD was doing with the reconciliation of COVID impacted shipments that will not move, but are not pulled back or canceled but just sitting in the queue in DPS?  J9 turned to the JPPSOs.   Only the Air Force replied, but said they were working to clear them as they became aware of them. And if a TSP sees one of those shipments, contact the appropriate AF JPPSO to elevate the issue. 


The AF countered that what they see are plenty of shipments sitting in DPS that have actually moved, but weights have not been updated or pickups not updated.  The AF asked that TSPs go into DPS and clean up shipments that haven’t been properly managed so those don’t look like shipments that are still pending a move. 


J9 reminded everyone that CIP and COR updates were due by 18 December, and plenty are still not updated.  Industry reps piped in that some updates are sitting in a pending status waiting for a J9 rep to approve them; and with the upcoming retirement of Jerry Jordan from Quals, some are concerned that those in Jerry’s pending box might not get worked.  IAM added in that we are aware of a number of issues associated with the ETOSS email blast that went out to industry Presidents, telling them that there appear to be two Presidents listed in their ETOSS, and those need to be cleaned up in preparation for the update on Robotic Process Automation (RPA); and the email threatened that this must be done by 18 December as well.  But that many questions had been asked to J9 and/or the help desk on this email blast subject and answers were not forthcoming…and if J9 was going to take action for those not complete by 18 December, they needed to provide answers and updates to the industry folks asking questions.  COL Gipson jumped in and stated she had taken notes, and would dig into the issue as soon as the call ended.


IAM asked J9 for the intent of the new 2021 business rule that required TSPs to enter MMC information in DPS Quals; whether that functionality already existed, or had to be created?  With the intent of ensuring if this was going to be a requirement, industry should know where exactly to input the information so they can be compliant.  Additionally, J9 was asked what the purpose of the requirement was; who could see the MMC information; and how it would be used.  Some general remarks were shared about the staff having access to that information so they could use it if required for any number of purposes. 


J9 was asked when the next non-peak call was happening since industry does not have a calendar invite to the event.  They stated the calls are slated for every second Thursday of the month until April.