USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (8 Dec)

December 09, 2020

There was nothing of particular significance covered on the J9 Read-ahead slides for the 8 Dec meeting.  None of the Services had comments during their portion of the meeting.  J9 provided just a few updates:


  • The Robotic Process Automation policy will not be enforced until 1 Feb 2021.  An updated advisory on this topic is due out soon.
  • DPS experienced some issues today; there were 12 help desk tickets, but all appeared to be associated with government users, not industry.
  • J9 stated they released the final business rules on 2 December; but noticed one error on the IT21 and so re-issued that document with a 3 December date…make sure you are referring to the 3 Dec version…the difference was in wording associated with pass-through requirements.  J9 stated they hadn’t received questions since the business rules were released except from IAM; so they assume there are no issues or questions associated with the new rules.  IAM stated there were both issues and questions associated with the rules; and recommended that maybe the JPPSOs, J9 and industry hold a Q&A session to ensure everyone had a full understanding of requirements and how rules would be administered.  J9 responded that industry could send questions on business rules to the appropriate org box (as listed in the advisory on where to send comments for business rules); and that the Spring PPF would serve as the forum for industry, JPPSO and J9 to discuss business rules prior to the implementation of new business rules. 
  • VADM Mewbourne, USTC Deputy Commander, stated he wanted to make sure USTC provides healthy feedback and a shared understanding of new business rules.  He thanked the enterprise again for overcoming amazing obstacles during the past year; and cautioned with the recent COVID explosion there are dark days and challenges ahead we need to be prepared for. He wished everyone a happy holidays.
  • IAM asked whether there was DoD policy for members who travel outside the state where their duty station is located on leave; and return to states that have quarantine requirements, whether that quarantine applied to service members?  And whether industry should be servicing a shipment for someone who recently returned from out of state travel before that state’s mandated quarantine was completed.  J9 and VADM Mewbourne acknowledged this was a policy area they had not previously covered, and that they would get with the Services and provide guidance so industry was aware of the requirement and how to handle such situations.

J9 was asked if the mask requirement was still mandatory for service members and families in the home during HHG servicing.  The answer was a definite yes.  J9 did say that if the family had no good options for reducing the number of people in the home, and if they sequestered themselves in a room where movers didn’t have to go, and closed the door, then that was acceptable as long as they stayed with the door closed and away from everyone. If they left the room, then they needed to have the mask on.