USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (1 Dec)

December 02, 2020

Notes from the 1 December J9 call with industry and DoD representatives:


  • Slide 1 shows that shipment volume, as compared to last year, is tracking at “normal” levels.
  • Elmendorf aged invoices are unchanged from last week, and the amount appears high compared to the # of invoices. The AF is waiting for explanation from Elmendorf on details.
  • On slide 2, DP3 Demand Model, J9 removed the data reflecting potential “pent-up” demand, as the data had not proven useful to date. They will re-look next year to see if there is an accurate way to represent this information that provides meaningful insight.
  • Slide 4 reflects 55 Covid-related warnings issued last week, but no suspensions.
  • Slides 5 & 6 show punitive actions by week for Covid related LOSs and LOWs.


J9 stated they were appreciative of the work that went into industry and Service responses to business rules. They believe the changes made to business rules reflect that they are listening to our inputs and looking for common ground; but with an eye toward making changes they believe are pivotal to the customer and “tipping the scales” towards customer requirements.


The rate filing message should be out this week (Rd 1: 17-22 Jan; Rd 2: 14-19 Feb).  This message will include the new minimum performance scores for each market.


The Systems Branch stated that the ETA to TEAMS certificate transfer process was upgraded recently and tested by an industry representative and appeared to provide the functionality industry is looking for.  If anyone in industry is still having problems updating certificates in TEAMS, please contact the help desk immediately so they can put you in touch with TEAMS to resolve the issue.  Currently, USTC is holding off on enforcing the new Robotic Process Automation requirement (see advisory #20-0061B for context) until they confirm the TEAMS certificate issue is resolved.  So if you are still having concerns, contact USTC J9 immediately.


AF PPA mentioned that they are seeing some installations going from Green to Red (in terms of COVID cases), but based on procedures already in place, they do not anticipate significant changes in shipment volume at this point.


IAM asked J9 whether, with increased COVID cases, we might see another Stop Movement, or if the current Conditions-Based policy would likely continue even under a significant increase in cases.  Both the J9 Director and the TRANSCOM Deputy Commander believed that since the process and the success of moves under the Conditions-Based policy, it was much less likely that we’d see a return to a broad Stop Movement policy.