TRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (17 Nov)

November 18, 2020

See read-ahead slides for 17 Nov J9 call.  No major issues raised on the slides. 


Major highlights covered on the call:


  • Storage Management Office (SMO) reported they are renewing their focus on the FAR-based non-temporary storage contract effort. Previously, J9 reported they would wait on implementing this effort until after GHC was settled.  Today, SMO mentioned they would look into starting a regional implementation of a NTS contract; most likely starting with the National Capitol Region.  As this is implemented, the remainder of NTS requirements would remain under the current tender rules; potentially transitioning to a contract region by region over time.  Rick Marsh stated what they are trying to do is not about transitioning requirements to FAR; but establishing conditions they can be proud of and drive a higher level of service for the customer. He stated the point is to deliver a higher level of service.  Not just to transition to FAR.  It’s apparent TRANSCOM believes they cannot set the conditions for a higher level of service via a tender; and only Federal Acquisition Regulations can do that.


  • Col Punches of the Air Force Personal Property Activity relayed that his boss’s boss had recently experienced four separate POCs from the same TSP calling him to coordinate details about his move.  This caused significant confusion with the customer; and some of the callers had old or incorrect information, causing even more confusion.  Col Punches asked that industry focus on the single coordinator concept to eliminate confusion with customers.  Rick Marsh reinforced this point; said multiple touch points make it “super confusing and super frustrating” and asked industry to think through how to improve in this area; paint a single picture and simplify the process for the customer.


  • COL Gipson announced that the J9 has a new member; MAJ (Promotable)…in other words, already selected for LTC…John Smith is coming on board as the Branch Chief for Operations.  This is the position currently held by Danny Martinez.  Danny is transitioning to work other projects in the immediate future, and we can expect MAJ Smith to be around for the 2021 moving season in this role.  He is transitioning with Danny over the next two weeks; and we should start to see him cc’d in on meetings and emails over the next few days/weeks.


VADM Mewbourne, TRANSCOM’s Deputy Commander, reinforced that our fight against COVID is not over; even though there is some optimism on the horizon with pending vaccines.  He asked TSPs not to get complacent, and continue with Health Protection Protocols as COVID gets worse in the short term; and as cold and flu season ramps up over the next few months.