UPDATE: Industry Review and Request Comments on the 2021 Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) Business Rules Proposed Changes and Updates to the following documents: 400NG Tariff, International Ten

November 16, 2020

USTRANSCOM J9 Update Number 20-0117A

USTC J9 released their proposed 2021 Business Rules.  They are available on Move.mil/sme.  The associated advisory is attached.  Comments are due by Thursday, 19 Nov at 1500 CST/1600 EST. 


Per the advisory, “TCJ9 encourages comments to proposed updates in red only for 2021. Any comments not related to
the 2021 proposed updates will not be considered.


Individual industry comments are needed.  IAM will provide comments, but they are only viewed as an individual input, not a consolidated view.


Comments are required to be submitted using the Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM).  The CRM template is on move.mil/sme where the new business rules are posted.

File: USTRANSCOM PP Advisory 20-0117A (Industry CRM Comments 2021 Business Rules) 13 Nov 20.pdf