Tuesday USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (20 Oct)

October 21, 2020

The below update is from the 20 Oct USTRANSCOM J9 update. Download the slides.


  • Upsurge of COVID world-wide, and heading into cold/flu season is a stark reminder that the DoD Health Protocols are still in effect for industry and service members.  These protocols will be rolled into the TOS for 2021.
  • A new software release is coming this week that will allow TSPs to upload certificates to multiple SCACs; certificates updated on one account will upload to all accounts with old matching certificates.
  • SMO reminded everyone they have a request for information out on beta.sam acquisition website looking for feedback on temperature and humidity controlled warehouse capabilities and remote monitoring for the NTS retrograde contract; as well as the removal of the 50 mile radius to Oakland and Norfolk ports on each coast.
  • APPLE Director read a customer satisfaction survey he received this week that was very critical of a lead packer who was dishonest, lazy, and refused to wear their mask; who also refused to properly do the inventory; that person was later removed but the inventory was never properly updated.  COL Abraham stated the Army is seeking much more from industry.  And his job is to hold everyone accountable…QA, JPPSO and industry.
  • The Marines discussed a 4th fire and catastrophic loss this year and asked industry for insight as to why these fires might be happening.  Marine HQ also asked industry to remember they have responsibilities when catastrophic loss happens; and they feel like the Marines aren’t being properly notified by industry in these cases.  So as a reminder, the TOS requires TSPs to immediately notify origin and destination PPSO of the unusual occurrence as well as USTC J9.  Requirements are in the TOS at Section B, paragraph 17, page 15..  And references the DTR chapter 410.
  • J9 is starting to get feedback that TSPs aren’t aware of the 180 days for notice of loss and damage; and are telling customers it’s 75 days; and improperly denying claims over 75 days from NOLD.
  • J9 also reminded TSPs that inspection and repair estimates, and getting them done in a timely manner are not timeframes that have been extended due to COVID; and need to be completed in accordance with the business rules.
  • J9 announced that the COS 4 Special Solicitations to Hawaii and Okinawa will NOT happen for the upcoming 2021 rate year.  Spain is still being discussed but will not likely happen.  Instead, J9 is pivoting to COS 4 SS for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  IAM put together a working group of TSPs and agents to provide additional inputs to USTC and DoD on the negative impact a SS for Code 4 for Hawaii and Okinawa could have on customers, agents and TSPs.  It appears, along with other industry inputs, our efforts were impactful.
  • Should see feedback on 2021 business rules by early November.