USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (29 Sep)

September 30, 2020

The Tuesday, 29 September USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement call, started off with an update on DPS.  Some DPS users were having issues with errors.  J9 stated the issue caused by a DISA Server failure.  DISA restored service.

  • Read aheads: J9 covered slide #1, and referenced week 38 currently at 91% of last year’s pickups for the same week, and it doesn’t appear they will hit 100% of last year’s average. 
  • Slide #1 also shows the 4 week forecast…weeks 41 and 42 are forecast above average…but weeks 43 and 44 are currently showing a weaker demand than the historical volume.
  • SMO tracking wildfires and the tropical development. No impact to DoD approved facilities at this time.
  • Refusals and blackouts…no surprises…offer handling time is down as well.
  • Punitive: things tracking as usual. Letters of Suspension for COVID make up 51% of suspensions for peak.


AF PPA asked the SMO if they’d seen trends this peak season where NTS or SIT facilities were closing due to bankruptcies, etc?  J9 responded they haven’t received info on any bankruptcies…there are some facilities who are having financial issues…but not bankruptcies.  PPA asked, “So haven’t lost capacity to those issues?”  And J9 stated, “That’s correct.”


IAM asked J9, where are we headed in terms of transit times?  COL Gipson: we did implement an extension of TT to account for COVID and supply chain struggles.  Still in effect…monitoring domestic and international and have not pulled it back yet.  Understand industry wants it permanent…but not there right now.  Will likely push them back to pre-COVID at some point…but see impacts still happening at this time.  Will continue to monitor.  J9 offered that if industry has a specific channels you want targeted they would consider it.


J9 was asked about 2021 initiatives…when we might hear about how that’s progressing?  J9 stated IAM let J9 know we were looking at providing some alternatives to proposals such as COS 4 SS and inconvenience out of SIT.  They are expecting IAM inputs by 5 October.  J9 stated they are adjudicating the responses they currently have with Services and working through those areas.  Took a lot of notes during PPF…working with Services to address those. 


AF PPA asked for continued focus on Health Protection Protocols.  Surprised with volume down from the summer peak, and weather being cooler, that there are still so many issues identified with masks and health protocols.  We are not out of the woods, and need industry to continue to focus on compliance with COVID related items.


COL Gipson: Really appreciate the discussion and opportunity to communicate.  Spoke with some of our spouses…I know it was a huge driver for what we talked about at the PPF…Keep the safety portion going.  Keep us communicating.  We are in midst of new normal.  Paramount we keep communication open on providing feedback and receiving feedback.